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The army government made the decision on carrying out requisition of bread by food groups together with inhabitants and representatives of local government


The native of the farm Antoninovsky of the Taganrog district of Area of army of Donskoy (did not remain). The commander of shooting office of the 550th shooting regiment (126th rifle division, the 2nd Guards army, the 1st Baltic front) lance sergeant Olkhov caused a stir in fights in the territory of Lithuania and suburbs of Konigsberg. After war returned home: worked in collective farm "Don truth" as the tractor driver, the foreman of tractor group at Ravnopolsky MTS, zvenyevy a kukuruzouborochny link. For long-term and honest work it is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner. There lived in the farm New Nadezhda Kuybyshevskogo the area


Now (data of 2016) – "Steppe dawns"


Soldiers of the 51, 28 and 2 Guards army, the 3, 4 and 5 mekhkorpus and other divisions took part in liberation of Proletarsky district and the city of Proletarsk.

Extract from the summary record about fighting of the 6th Guards armored brigade from 18.09.1942 to 13.02.1943: "on December 28, 1942 crew, having filled up an equipment for account 51 of TP, took the general offensive, coming into the flank and the back of the opponent, than provided the fastest capture with parts of the 28th Yashkulya army, Ulan-Erge, Elista and there was 01.01.43 to the Region of Priyutny".

Command of the 6th Guards armored brigade, interacting with soldiers 34 gv. SD, 52, 152, 159, 99, 98 RSD, left to the district of farms: Nikolaev-1, Nikolaev-2, Steppe, Red Cattle-farmer, Plemkhoz No. 1. Here persistent fights which continued till 17.01.43 were started. The farm several times passed from hand to hand.

From the operational report of the headquarters 98(86) gv. Division SKND we learn that the commander 13 gv. Rifle corps the lieutenant general Chanchibadze set the task: "09.01.43 to seize hkh. Batlayevsky, German-Potapovsky, at 18:00 to come to a boundary x. Duckweed, x. Denisovsky and further x. Kovrino, x. Free, collective farm "Ukrainian grain-grower".

For these boundaries of a part of a division started bloody fights. the 308th shooting regiment (SR) released x. Denisovsky, the 166th – x. Duckweeds, the 4th – made a throw in x. Dry and Tatnikov.

10.01.43 in x. Duckweeds of the 308th of the joint venture got to an environment. Throughout the day conducted defensive actions. And only by 9 in the morning 11.01.43 the regiment broke through from an environment in the area x. Kovrino, having lost more than 300 soldiers and officers, all artillery.

Having seized on January 15, 1943 the village Oryol, Parts 126, 87 SD with assistance of 59 mekhbrigada moved ahead in the direction of St. Proletarian. 17.01.43 of a part of divisions with fights was approached Proletarian. Command 87 SD received the order: without engaging for St. Proletarian to come in the direction x. Free, points Repair, x. M. Elmouth and further through the river Manych. But completely the order did not manage to be executed since 1378 joint ventures conducted a battle on the northeast outskirts of St. Proletarian, sustaining losses.

Other fighting regiments of a division, having replaced the direction, by 15:00 17.01.1943 reached x. Free and St. Repair. Here the 13th tank corps approached (Guards was entitled on January 9 and the 4th began to be called Guards Stalingrad mekhkorpus). At 18:00 formation of the Manychsky canal began. Only by 7:00 21.01.1943 the 4th mekhkorpus reached a boundary of 500 m to the west of the Manychsky canal.

On January 17, 1943 the 126th SD with assistance of the 59th mekhbrigada started fights on east outskirts of St. Proletarian. Infantry and tanks with assistance of strong artillery and mortar fire the opponent persistently defended east outskirts of the village. But nevertheless parts of crew of 690 joint ventures 126 SD reached a boundary of a slaughter and the cemetery that in 2 km to the east of the village.

20.01.1943 at 1:00 coming seized east outskirts and, overcoming resistance of separate groups of submachine gunners, by the dawn on January 20 reached a boundary of the railway Proletarian station.

During the day on January 20 parts of the Soviet Army made toilet, carried out replenishment reception.

On January 24, 1943 the name "the 3rd Guards mechanized crew" was appropriated to the 59th mekhbrigada.

In steppe open spaces of Proletarsky district 32 mass graves where ashes of 3250 people from whom it was succeeded to establish names 2332 are based.

Source: Chronicle of release (from January 2 to January 23, 1943)//Messenger Primanychya. 2003. On Jan. 18 Page 2-3.