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Zimovnikovsky district


347460, Rostov region, item Zimovniki, Lenin St., 114

Phone number (86376) 3-13-01, fax (86376) 3-35-05

Head of administration of the area

Oleg Nikolaevich Tkachenko


The population – 36.44 thousand people.

The administrative center – the item Zimovniki. Distance to Rostov-on-Don – 295 km.

As a part of the area:

  • Verkhneserebryakovskoye rural settlement;
  • Gashunskoye rural settlement;
  • Glubochanskoye rural settlement;
  • Zimovnikovskoye rural settlement;
  • Kamyshevskoye rural settlement;
  • Kirov rural settlement;
  • Kuteynikovskoye rural settlement;
  • Lenin rural settlement;
  • Mokrogashunskoye rural settlement;
  • Savoskinskoye rural settlement;
  • Northern rural settlement.

Freight and passenger traffic is made automobile and by rail. The territory of the area is crossed by two railway lines: Tikhoretsk-Volgograd and Kuberle-Volgodonsk.

The area is located in a steppe zone. Artificial afforestations make 2677 hectares. It is a lot of natural and artificial reservoirs, there are all conditions for amateur fishery. In the territory of the area there is the state Ilyichevsk wildlife area and extensive hunting grounds.


In the area 1086 small enterprises are created. From them in the industry - 68, on transport - 118, in construction - 9, in trade, consumer services and a public catering - 600, in agriculture – 173, in other industries - 118.

Zimovnikovsky district mainly agrarian. Main directions of development of agriculture: cultivation of grain crops, meat cattle breeding and sheep breeding. Zimovnikovsky district is located in the east of the area. The area of the area – more than 5 thousand

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