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The Rostov region is the territorial subject of the Russian Federation in the south of the European part of Russia, is a part of the Southern Federal District.

The Rostov region as administrative unit, is formed on the basis of the resolution of the Central Election Commission of the USSR of September 13, 1937.

The area is distinguished from other large territorial entities of the Russian Federation with high research and production, resource and financial potential.

Development of economy of area is based on influence of such factors as a favorable economical geographical location (communication of the center of Russia with the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia), existence of natural resources, historically favorable conditions for development, high security with human resources, well developed transport infrastructure. On rates of economic transformations of the last years and volumes of release of goods and services the area occupies one of the leading positions, both in the Southern Federal District, and in Russia in general.

Фото Дениса Демкова

The immediate environment of area is presented by the regions of the Western Donbass having large supplies of natural resources and also regions of the central part of Russia advanced economically in the north, the Volga region in the east and the North Caucasus in the south.

In a radius of 1.0-1.5 thousand km from borders of the Rostov region the coal, oil, gas, metallurgical, machine-building, chemical, agro-industrial areas and the centers, largest in the country, which exchange of finished goods is carried out, substantially, through the territory of the Rostov region are placed.

Across the territory of the area Don - one of the largest rivers of Europe, with numerous sleeves and inflows proceeds.


Mineral raw materials include group of fuel and energy resources. Among them - coals of East Donbass, in particular anthracite, the first in caloric content.

Fields of nonmetallic raw materials are developed for metallurgy and production of construction materials. Explored reserves of gas are estimated at 56.2 billion cubic meters.

The forest fund of area is insignificant, presented for 2.8% of the territory, mostly by the woods performing water preserving and protective functions.

Recreational resources are presented by resorts of local value for summer holiday with stocks of high-quality mineral waters and also ample opportunities of development of the international tourism.

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