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Population of the Rostov region

The population of the Rostov region – 4,202.3 thousand people. From them in the cities 2,863.7 thousand people, live in rural areas – 1,338.6 thousand people.

The region takes the 6th place in Russia on resident population after the city of Moscow, the Moscow region, Krasnodar Krai, the city of St. Petersburg and Sverdlovsk region. Among the subjects entering the Southern Federal District, the area is in the 2nd place after Krasnodar Krai.

Population density – 41.6 people on 1

According to the All-Russian population census of 2010, on national structure 90.3 percent of the population of the area Russians, 2.6 – Armenians, 1.9 – Ukrainians, 0.9 – Turks, 0.7 – Kazakhs, 0.4 – Belarusians, 0.4 – Azerbaijanians, 0.4 – Roma, 0.3 – Tatars, 0.3 – Chechens, 0.3 – Koreans, 0.2 – Dargins, 0.2 – Georgians make, 1.1 percent – other ethnic groups. In general, representatives more than 150 nationalities and nationalities live in area. The mutual respect of the people, traditionally strong economic and cultural ties are the main values which are protected to Dona.

The able-bodied population makes about 55.4% of total number. The education level of the population at economically active age is rather high.

Average annual number occupied in economy is 1,935.7 thousand people.

The demographic situation in the Rostov region is characterized by decrease in number been born and died, increase in natural losses of the population. Number been born on 1,000 population is 9.0 (the general coefficient of birth rate), and the number of the dead – 13.3 (the general mortality rate). Natural losses of the population increased by 16.7%. The expected life expectancy at the birth makes 73.7 years.

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