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"Governor's control will allow to solve two problems at once. On the one hand, thanks to this project all inhabitants of the region will know how national projects are carried out in their concrete municipality. On the other hand, we will be able to see in due time what problems arise with implementation of any given project. It will give the chance to quickly take measures for correction of a situation"

Vasily Golubev

At the request of the governor V.Yu. Golubev the control system in the Rostov region is expanded and complemented with new mechanisms.

Groups of "governor's control" exercise system control on all under construction and reconstructed objects realized within national projects and regional programs for all directions.

Participants of control groups under the leadership of deputy governors regularly visit the built social objects, and carry out the complex assessment of overall performance on them. Both professional experts, and representatives of a local civil asset are involved in this work.

The received data are sent to profile structures of the regional government and personally to a table to the governor under the leadership of whom concrete instructions on settlement of the revealed problems are formed.

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