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Service of the Don Cossacks to the Russian state

Ivan IV Grozny sent "to Donets Seversk to atamans kazattsky and to Cossacks all without cancellation" with ambassador I.P. Novosiltsev the appointed diploma with an appeal of military aid in which he enjoined to see to the Don ataman the royal ambassador going to Turkey to the Don zimovishch at the Aksay mouth. In the diploma it was said: "you would serve us as that, and we you for your service want to favor"

The diploma on January 16 (on January 3 on old style) 1570 is dated.

This first remained evidence of service of the Don Cossacks of Russia. 

300-year anniversary was solemnly celebrated in 1870 when the tsar Alexander III arrived in Novocherkassk. Cossacks were granted the coat of arms, from this point the territory of primordial accommodation of Cossacks began to be called Area of army of Donskoy. Besides, service life of Cossacks was reduced from 25 to 15 years.

In commemoration of the 400 anniversary during the Soviet period at the initiative of Mikhail Sholokhov the Old Cherkassk historical and architectural memorial estate was open.

In 2020 450-year anniversary of service of the Don Cossacks to the Russian state is celebrated.

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