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The Rostov region is the territory of historical accommodation of the Don Cossacks. Exactly here the Cossacks arose and developed throughout centuries.

The earth of the Don Cossacks stretched far away from the present Rostov region. Now about 2/3 territories of the former Vseveliky army of Donskoy (9 of 16 districts) are a part of the Rostov region. There is a capital of the Don Cossacks – the city of Novocherkassk. By the decision of the World congress of Cossacks Novocherkassk was given the status of the capital of the world Cossacks.

The Charter of the Rostov region included Chapter 9 "Cossacks". The charter of area recognized the Cossacks as a subject of social and political life, having given an opportunity to the Cossack societies really to join in management at the regional and municipal levels.

The Vseveliky army Don is entered in the state register of the Cossack societies which coordination of work is carried out by Russian President's Council for Cossack Affairs.

Total number of Cossacks of army of Donskoy, taking into account members of their families, is about 170 thousand

Within the competence the army structures successfully resolve issues of safety of citizens, protection of cultural heritage, significant infrastructure facilities of area, fish conservation, military-patriotic and spiritual and moral education of youth.

According to Regional law No. 47-ZS of September 29, 1999. "About the Cossack teams in the Rostov region" the Cossack teams are formed in all urban districts and municipal districts of area. Cossacks – combatants render assistance to law enforcement authorities in identification of administrative offenses, disclosure of crimes and also their prevention.

Cossacks of Vseveliky army of Donskoy serve in the 20th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Southern Military District Volgograd), the 22nd special purpose crew, the 7th airborne division of airborne forces.

Thanks to support of the Government of the Rostov region and interaction of army of Donskoy with bodies of the representative authority and heads of municipalities, traditional Cossack self-government and land use in places of compact accommodation of Cossacks is restored.

The Cossack teams of Vseveliky army of Donskoy participate in nature protection actions for ensuring environmental safety in the territory of the region.

From October 13 to October 15, 2015 in the Rostov region there passed the V World congress of Cossacks. Atamans and Cossacks of all 11 Cossack troops of Russia and more than 100 delegates of foreign Cossack associations from 26 countries of the world participated in actions of the congress. The Most Saint Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill took part in work of the congress. The congress was held under the motto "the Cossacks: Unity, Church, Homeland".

In the Rostov region the education of younger generation, acquaintance to traditions and customs of the Cossacks is successfully carried out in the educational organizations using cultural and historical traditions of the Don Cossacks and regional features of Don region in educational process. Now in the Rostov region it is created and the complete system of continuous Cossack education which includes more than 370 institutions with the regional status "Cossack" different level with coverage more than 80 thousand students functions. This system allows to conduct teaching and educational process with preschool age before receiving higher education.

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