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The social and political situation in the Rostov region steadily keeps characteristics of stability and is predicted thanks to the system of effective regulation of all factors influencing it. This system forms a basis of interaction of the Government of the region with the public.

The most obvious factor defining a condition of a social and political situation in the Rostov region is activity of the noncommercial sector. In the region, according to Head department of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation across the Rostov region, it is registered 4391 non-profit organizations. In the Rostov region 41 regional offices of political parties are registered.

The Government of the Rostov region considers a modern social and political situation as a certain point since which it is necessary to pass to systematic actions for support of development of civil society, consolidation of democracy, including also development of political culture of civil type which assumes conscious and initiative participation of citizens, public associations, political parties and national autonomies in socially significant activity.

Accents in activity of authorities are transferred from problems of forming of interaction of subjects of civil society to problems of strategy implementation of social partnership. Creation in 2011 of Public chamber of the Rostov region became the major stage within performance of this task. Now the third structure of Public chamber acts.

The most important institute of civil society exercising public control over activity of authorities and performing advisory and consultative functions are public councils. Now public councils are created at all executive authorities of the Rostov region. In all municipal districts and urban districts of the region, public councils or public chambers function.

Since 2011 the implementation of the Regional law of 11.11.2010 No. 492-ZS "About the State Support of Socially Oriented Non-profit Organizations in the Rostov Region" began.

State support of socially oriented NPOs of the Rostov region in the form of subsidies is carried out on a competitive basis. Information, consulting and methodical support of NPO is given. The website "Civil Forum of the Rostov Region" ( works.

One of influential forces in the region – the Cossacks. According to preliminary data the All-Russian population census of 2010 of Cossacks to Dona about 0.7% of total population. Since the beginning of the 90th years of the 20th century the Cossacks of the South of Russia very not easy endured the revival. Leaders of the Cossacks quickly passed from requirements of cultural and ethnic revival to political. There were slogans about special position of the Cossacks as social group to Dona that constituted serious danger to a social and political situation. But this danger is overcome, representatives of the Cossacks were involved in management at the municipal and regional levels. The Rostov region became the center of revival of the Cossacks.

The interethnic relations have a great influence on a social and political situation in the Rostov region. Multinationality – historical feature of the region.

In the Rostov region the human rights sector of civil society is developed, more than 50 human rights organizations work.

Since June, 2007 according to the Regional law of 15.03.2007 No. 643-ZS the Commissioner for Human Rights, and since October, 2007 - the Ombudsman for Children acts in the region (The regional law from 18.06.2019 No. 162-ZS).

Results of elections of deputies of Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region
On September 9, 2018 (vote according to party lists):

Rostov regional office of political party "Communist Party Communists of Russia


Rostov regional office of National Alliance party


Rostov regional office of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia


The Rostov office of Party of Pensioners of Russia in the Rostov region


Rostov regional office of Just Russia party


Rostov regional office of United Russia party


Rostov regional office of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation



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