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The Rostov region – the largest center in the south of Russia not only the diversified industry, the developed agriculture, but also science, formations, cultures and arts.

The Don region is rich with deep cultural traditions.

The government of the Rostov region carries out continued support of the industry for preservation and development of cultural capacity of Don in the following directions:

  • Support of professional art of the Rostov region.

  • Preservation and development of cultural heritage of Don.

  • Development of library science.

  • Identification and support of young talents, professional education.

  • Preservation and development of national cultures of the people of Don, international cultural cooperation.

  • Modernization of technical and technological equipment of the organizations of culture.

  • Development and implementation of complex target projects.

  • Scientific and information support.

  • Support of cinematography.

  • Strengthening of material and technical resources of cultural institutions and art.

More than ten years for the purpose of support of young talents and young talents of area the governor's awards for young representatives of the creative intellectuals and a grant to gifted pupils of educational institutions of culture and art are annually appointed. Members of the creative unions, employees of cultural institutions and art of area, the exceptional children studying at children's music schools and lyceums, schools of arts, art schools, average educational institutions of culture and art move forward on a grant.

For the purpose of support and encouragement of artists for the significant contribution to development of theater since 2008 to representatives of art and artistic personnel of theaters of the Rostov region annual single payments of the governor of the Rostov region by the International day of theater of 10,000 rubles everyone are appointed. Annual single payments of the Governor of the Rostov region receive masters of national culture. The governor's award of M.A. Sholokhov in the field of literature of 115 thousand rubles is founded. 

At the initiative of the governor of the Rostov region V.Yu. Golubev in 2011 the council for culture and art is created.

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