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Youth policy

The youth policy is the system of measures for improvement of the human capital of youth through creation of conditions and granting opportunities of self-realization; investments into the most active part of the population for steady positive changes in economy and the social sphere.

The public youth policy in the Rostov region (further also – GMP) is implemented in 14 directions: management, infrastructure, communications, youth cooperation, informal formation, support of socially important initiatives, prevention, patriotism and civic consciousness, way of life, social integration, creativity, social elevators, young families, volunteering.

14 purposes are developed in 30 tasks – the areas of work which are digitized in concrete, measurable indicators.

In the region a number of the program actions which affected development of youth policy in the Rostov region positively is implemented.

In the rating of efficiency of regional executive authorities the Rostov region following the results of 2019 took the 2nd place among all territorial subjects of the Russian Federation and steadily is in the lead among regions of the Southern Federal District.

The youth policy in the Rostov region keeps the leading positions in the Russian Federation in such directions as: "Involvement of youth in classes creative activity", "Work with the youth which is in socially dangerous situation", "Development of the international and interregional youth cooperation", "Development of youth self-government", "Support and cooperation with public organizations and movements".


In the Rostov region the number of inhabitants from 14 to 30 years is 818.5 thousand people. Taking into account the expected normative definition of age of youth of 14-35 years, its share will increase to 28% – almost every third.

In 2020 the status of youth policy was raised to the fundamental law of the state and the national purposes of development.

The concepts "youth policy" and "volunteering" are enshrined in the Constitution following the results of the all-Russian vote.

By the decree of the President of July 21, 2020 No. 474 "About the national purposes of development till 2030" one of five purposes it is designated "possibilities for self-realization and development of talents" and 3 target indicators.

The coordinating executive authority in the sphere of the public youth policy is the committee on youth policy of the Rostov region (12 employees) (further also – committee, KMPRO).

The separate directions are implemented by the public autonomous institutions of the Rostov region, subordinated KMPRO, the general number of staff about 80 people: Agency of development of youth initiatives; Don volunteer center, Center of patriotic education of youth of the Rostov region.

At the municipal level 218 specialists in affairs of youth are engaged in realization of GMP.

Annually the amount of financing of GMP at the regional level (means of the state program and reserve fund) grows, in 2020 the amount of financing for the first time was more than 200 million rubles.

Since 2019 the committee implements the regional project "Social Activity (Rostov Region)" of the national Education project within which funds of the federal budget on a competitive basis are actively raised.

Three years in a row the application of the Don region become the winner of the competition "Region of Good Deeds". Also the region won a single subsidy for creation of the center for training of volunteers of safety.

The Rostov region is the only region which won all 4 federal competitions on a subsidy and holds the first place on the volume of the raised funds at least till spring of the next year.

State program of the Rostov region

The organization of work with youth in the region is carried out according to the state program of the Rostov region "Youth policy and social activity" (Decree of the Government of the Rostov region of 19.10.2020 No. 100) containing the purposes, tasks, indicators of realization of GMP till 2030 with mechanisms of their achievement.

Municipal programs are adopted in all municipal units of area, it allows to realize successfully the directions of the public youth policy throughout the Rostov region.

Regional legislation

The full-fledged regulatory framework which is regularly updated and complemented proceeding from dynamics of development of GMP is created:

– No. 309-ZS of 25.12.2014 "About the public youth policy in the Rostov region";

– No. 584-ZS of 28.04.2011 "About support of activity of student's groups in the Rostov region";

– No. 895-ZS of 27.06.2012 "About support of voluntary activity in the Rostov region";

– No. 528-ZS of 06.05.2016 "About patriotic education of citizens in the Rostov region".

Concepts in the majority of the directions of the public youth policy work in the region; the Strategy of social and economic development of the Rostov region until 2030 with the separate section "Youth" is accepted.


State support of children's and youth associations

Following the results of 2019 the number of the students involved in activity of public associations on the basis of the general education organizations, the professional educational organizations and the educational organizations of the higher education was 195,883 persons.

More than 200 children's and youth public associations carry out activity in the territory of the Rostov region.

For support of associations committee on youth policy of the Rostov region annually:

forms the register of the children's and youth public associations enjoying the state support (more than 20 associations enter
in the register annually);

provides subsidies:

to the children's and youth public associations entering the register;

to student's groups on reimbursement of expenses on payment of training and journey of members of student's groups;

to non-profit organizations on compensation of a part of the expenses connected with participation of teams of KVN in leagues KVN.

In 2018-2020 the student's groups of the Rostov region achieved high labor results. Construction groups worked on buildings of the All-Russian, interregional and regional scales. Pedagogical groups created comfortable stay for children in dozens of camps of the South of Russia. The interregional service Olympic project was for the first time created, and groups of conductors provided high-quality service for passengers in cars of distant following. Following the results of the All-Russian meeting, the regional office of student's groups became the best in the country twice (2018 – the 1st place, 2019 – the 3rd place).

Also for support and development of cooperation with public associations, non-profit organizations and bodies of youth self-government of the Rostov region a regional competition of best practices in the sphere of the public youth policy "partners of Committee" is annually held. Following the results of a competition the winner practicians join in the plan of implementation of the state program of the Rostov region "Youth policy and social activity", and the winner organizations are provided with the goods, works and services necessary for realization the practician.

Youth multipurpose centers

In the region, system work on creation and development of the youth multipurpose centers (YMC) is conducted.

MMC – the specialized organization making a complex of organizational, consulting, methodical and information services to the organizations and citizens in the sphere of the public youth policy.

The committee developed methodical recommendations about creation of MMC in which organizational and financial mechanisms are reflected.

Following the results of the governor's project of support of local initiatives "Let's make together!", taken place in 2019, in the second half of the year 2020 5 projects of improvement of youth objects for the total amount of 8.6 million of 4 municipalities are implemented.

Within the victory of the Rostov region in the competition "Region of Good Deeds" in 2021 the financing of 10 municipal voluntary centers is planned for total amount of 4.5 million rubles.

Youth self-government

In the territory of the Rostov region, bodies of youth self-government work:

Youth parliament at Regional legislative assembly (since 2004);

The youth government of the Rostov region (since 2010);

Youth parliaments and youth administrations at authorities in municipal units;

Bodies of student and student government.

The share of the students involved in the club student's movement in the Rostov region following the results of 2019 made 30.9%.

In 2009 the regional competition "Day of Youth Self-government" which is held time in 2 years is founded. Competitive selection of young managers takes place at the regional and municipal levels. Winners of a competition are entitled "youth ministers" and implement social projects by the branch principle.

In 2020 according to the rating of Association of the youth governments of the Russian Federation the Youth government of the Rostov region takes the 10th place among 72 regions (in 2018 – the 23rd place, to 2019 – 8 place).


Priority attention is paid to communication with target audience by means of advance of a uniform youth brand of the region "DonMolodyy" and uses of the information ДОНМОЛОДОЙ.РФ platform (@donmolodoy) of the same name.

Remote and internal formats of holding actions become unseparable, integrated for mutual strengthening, increase in coverage of youth and useful effect.

The number of viewings only social networks "Young Don" platforms increased from 0.6 million in 2018 to 4.0 million in 2019 (+567%). In 9 months 2020 – already 8.2 million viewings.

Youth cooperation

Annually on average 700 active young people who underwent competitive selection go for participation in all priority youth forums of the international, All-Russian, interregional levels.

Support of socially important initiatives

For support of socially important initiatives of youth, including rural, small and monotowns through attraction of federal grants by committee in 2020 the design office is created.

Following the results of a grant competition of Rosmolodezh on implementation of social projects to the Rostov region 37.0 million rubles, in 10 months 2020 – more than 62.0 million rubles are attracted in 2019.

Informal education

The Rostov region has the status of the youth forum platform of the All-Russian level.

The forums "Young Wave", "Rostov", and the federal platform "Young Landowners" are known far outside Don. They became growth point for thousands of people.
In 2020 all sign youth forums of the region took place in the updated combination format online and live participation.


In 2020 the committee approved the Uniform concept of prevention through youth policy – a complex of the interconnected actions for 5 blocks for counteraction to negative manifestations among young people. Questions of prevention are regularly and in details considered at meetings of the profile regional commissions.

Patriotism and civic consciousness

Within patriotic education of children and youth the complex of programs and projects annually is implemented.

Within the actions of 2020 of memory and glory more than 210 thousand youth are captured. Separately there is an interdepartmental work within the large-scale federal project "Without Limitation Period" in memory of the victims of the Great Patriotic War among civilians.

In the direction of civic consciousness mass actions in a format of Days of uniform actions are implemented. And in patriotic education, and when forming civic consciousness, both traditional, and new formats and approaches are constantly applied.

Way of life

The complex of the actions directed to formation of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of the negative phenomena among young people, including in a format of Days of uniform actions and also development of youth travel, fitness and amateur sport is implemented by committee.

An annual competition on the best organization of counter-narcotics work among teenage young people on 2 nominations is held: municipal units and institutions, organizations, natural persons.

Annually in the All-Russian children's centers "Orlenok" and Change and also more than 800 children from the Rostov region go to the International children's center Artek committee. In 2019 862 children are sent to the federal centers.

Social integration

In the Rostov region the environment of equal opportunities, including for young people with OVZ or appeared in a difficult life situation, got into "risk group" is formed.

Within the youth forum of the Southern Federal District Rostov with the federal platform "Young Landowners" in September, 2020 the interregional platform of the federal project "Wings of Opportunities" for youth with OVZ following the results of which to Dona it is decided to create Youth inclusive club is carried out.

Annually the committee holds events for realization of potential of the minors entering category "risk groups" from whom, sign, known outside the region the preventive camp "Break" and teenage theater "Premyera" are the most productive.


Following the results of 2019 the share of the youth involved in actions for involvement in creative activity made 32.7%.

In the Rostov region annually there takes place the Russian Student's Spring festival – a regional stage of the most large-scale festival of student's creativity in Russia.

In 2020 in the territory of the Rostov region the All-Russian festival "The Russian Student's Spring — Spring of the Victory", part in which was taken by over 2,000 people, was held. Competitive tests took place in 9 directions: "Regional program"; "Vocal"; "Tool"; "Dancing"; "Theatrical"; "Original genre"; "Fashion"; "Journalism"; "Video".

In the region the KVN movement is actively supported. The Don teams become participants of television premier league of the television creative association "Alexander Maslyakov and Company" Annually there passes the Official Don league KVN. For the best teams of the Rostov region the festival of KVN on a cup of the Governor of the Rostov region is held.

Social elevators

Don became a point of gathering of the most talented and perspective youth according to drafts of the presidential platform "Russia — the Country of Opportunities". The regional stage of the Russian national award "Student of Year" is annually carried out (in 2020 – for the sixth time).

In 2019 in the territory of the Rostov region there passed the federal internal stage of the Russian national award "The Student of Year — 2019" for students of the educational organizations of the higher education. About 1,000 students from 55 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation took part in it. Following the results of an award 4 representatives of the Rostov region became winners and prize-winners.

In 2020 in the territory of the Rostov region the regional stage of the competition "You Are an Innovator" which 10 winners are awarded with personalized prizes of the Governor of the Rostov region took place, each of which made 105,000 rubles.

Council of young scientists and experts of the Rostov region and also network of councils in all higher educational institutions of the region carries out activity.

Young families

In the Rostov region annually there passes the regional stage of the All-Russian forum of young families which brings together a great number of creative families of the region on the platform. The purpose of a forum is promoting of family values among teenage young people and also strengthening of the institution of the family on the basis of promoting of cultural and moral values. Finalists of a regional stage adequately represent every year the Rostov region in the All-Russian stage of a forum of young families.

More than 270 clubs of young family work at the territory of municipal units of the Rostov region.

Holding sporting events, meetings, actions, flashmobs for young parents and their children – all this promotes strengthening of family, its role in society and formation of Don region.


The Rostov region is the leading region on development of the voluntary movement. For citizens volunteering is an important way of development of skills of public work, formation of moral values, an active civic stand, obtaining new knowledge.

230 thousand people were involved in voluntary activity in the Rostov region following the results of 2019 on a regular basis. As of 02.11.2020 on the platform 79.5 thousand volunteers and 876 organizations realizing volunteering are registered.

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