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Educational complex of the Rostov region – one of the largest in the Russian Federation. All forms of education and education captured about 1 million people.

As of January 1, 2020 in an educational complex of area function:

  • 1092 municipal general education organizations;
  • 1499 organizations implementing the program of preschool education;
  • 23 organizations for orphan children and children without parental support;
  • 8 general education boarding schools and 3 sanatorium general education boarding schools;
  • 30 educational institutions implementing the adapted main educational programs for students with limited opportunities of health;
  • 116 professional educational organizations, including 92 - subordinated to the Ministry of Education of the Rostov region;
  • 27 educational organizations of the higher education, including 9 public institutions, 10 branches of state universities, 5 non-state higher education institutions, 3 branches of non-state higher education institutions, 1 representative office of non-state higher education institution;
  • 184 organizations of additional education of children, including to 181 municipal and 3 regional, subordinated Ministry of Education of the Rostov region.

Material and technical resources of educational institutions

In the region, systematic work on improvement of conditions of training due to capital repair of objects of education and gyms, replacements of shabby windows and external doors by metalplastic is conducted.

All schools of area are equipped with the systems of video surveillance, provided with the automatic fire alarm and have a signal conclusion to the 01 remote controller.

Transportation of the students living in the remote rural territories is organized.

For ensuring training of school students in one change the "Creation in the Rostov Region of New Places in the General Education Organizations according to the Predicted Requirement and Modern Conditions of Training for 2016 - 2025" program is adopted.

Quality of education

For the purpose of improvement of quality of education with advancing of the all-Russian rates federal state educational standards of the general education (FGOS) are implemented: at 1-10 classes - in 100%, in 11 classes – in a third of the general education organizations of area.

Annually over 300 best graduates of schools of the Rostov region are awarded with the regional medal "For Special Progress to the Graduate Dona". This medal awards the graduates who received the certificate with honors, showed special abilities and achieved good results in the regional, All-Russian and international subject Olympic Games, reviews, competitions and sports competitions. For awarded the regional medal the traditional governor's ball of graduates "The gold constellation Dona" is held.

Health-saving of students

In the Rostov region the project of health-saving of school students is implemented.

Within the project at pilot schools, monitoring researches on three directions are conducted:

  • monitoring of indicators of the physical state of health of children;
  • monitoring of social and psychological indicators of health of students;
  • monitoring of health saving activity of educational institutions.

The regional center of health-saving has data on the state of health more than 785.0 thousand children that allows to form preliminary conclusions about forecasts of health of school students. For correction and increase in efficiency of zdorovyeokhranny activity the methodical recommendations concerning various aspects of zdorovyeokhranny work are developed for pilot schools.

Interaction of healthcare institutions and educational organizations at the municipal level is organized. Data on health of students are transferred to parents.

The system of rating assessment of municipal units motivating heads is introduced to develop health saving activity of the educational organizations. In the information system "Our Healthy School" indicators of health saving activity of pilot schools are reflected, results of rating increase prestige of school and characterizes its activity as zdorovyeokhranny.

By results of implementation of the pilot project on health-saving in the Rostov region the electronic collection of practical materials of the pilot schools introducing zdorovyesbergayushchy methods and technologies in educational activity is made.

In the general education organizations, the professional educational organizations and the organizations of the higher education the social and psychological testing of students is held. With teenagers and youth who are carried to "risk group" scheduled maintenance is conducted.

Training of children with limited opportunities of health

The Rostov region – one of leaders among territorial subjects of the Russian Federation in distance learning of disabled children. On the basis of sanatorium boarding school No. 28 of Rostov-on-Don the center of remote education of disabled children is created, 3 its branches function (Volgodonsk, Zernogradsky and Novoshakhtinsk). In a remote form 100% of the children of this category who do not have contraindications to this form of training study.

For providing conditions of availability to receiving quality education to disabled children and children with limited opportunities of health in an area education system since 2011 state programs of the Russian Federation and the Rostov region "The available environment" are implemented.

Within these programs in the region the network of the general education organizations in which conditions for inclusive education of disabled children are created is formed.

In 2017 the Novocherkassk college of industrial technologies and management became the basic professional educational organization providing support of a regional system of inclusive professional education of disabled people.

The Decree of the Government of the Rostov region of 26.10.2018 No. 672 approved a package of measures and the concept for realization of an action for support of education for children with limited opportunities of health in the Rostov region.

Identification and device of orphan children and children without parental support, granting measures of the state support

Special attention in the Rostov region is paid to problems of orphan children and children without parental support.

Most of orphan children and children without parental support, are cultivated in families of trustees (trustees) and adoptive parents (95%), in the organizations for orphan children of different departmental accessory (5%).

Thanks to development of family education the number of pupils of the organizations for orphan children is annually reduced.

In all centers of the help to children without parental support (former orphanages) subordinated to the Ministry of Education of the Rostov region:

  • the conditions which are brought closer to family are created;
  • in
  • 21 establishments, social living rooms for implementation of post-residential escort of graduates are organized;
  • in
  • 22 institutions, reception and quarantine offices for the immediate room of the children who appeared in a difficult life situation are organized.

The state program aimed at providing with premises orphan children and children without parental support is implemented.



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