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Labor relations and social partnership

Regulation of the social and labor relations in the organizations of the Rostov region is carried out on the basis of social partnership. The main indicators of development of social partnership are the concluded agreements and collective agreements.

On 01.01.2020 in the territory of the area worked:

  • 1 regional tripartite agreement;
  • 55 territorial tripartite agreements;
  • 1 interregional agreement;
  • 104 industry agreements;
  •  2,836 other agreements concluded between administration of the municipal unit and the specific employer, the individual entrepreneur having hired labor in the separate directions of regulation of the social and labor relations.

Important achievement of social dialogue of executive authorities with labor unions and employers of area is the thirteenth Rostov regional tripartite (regional) agreement between the Government of the Rostov region, the Union of the Organizations of Labor unions "Federation of Trade Unions of the Rostov Region" and the Union of employers of the Rostov region for 2020-2022 (further - the Agreement).

The agreement is aimed at ensuring social and economic growth and wellbeing of residents of the area in interaction with labor unions, employers and the Government of the Rostov region.

The basic labor, social rights of the working citizens found reflection in the Agreement. One of the priority rights – growth of minimum wage.

Approach to determination of size of the minimum amount of the salary for employees of the organizations of the off-budget sector of economy is changed. Now its size will be 1.2 minimum wage rates, established by the federal legislation, but not 1.2 sizes of a living wage as it worked in previous years. Since January 1, 2020 the minimum wage rate makes 12,130 rubles and the size of minimum wage at the enterprises – social partners has to be not less than 14,556 rubles.

In the off-budget sector the only lever of interaction is the regional tripartite agreement and also industry agreements and collective agreements in the organizations.

Expansion of number of its participants will be a key task during effect of the Agreement.

Following the results of monitoring for 2019 the task of accession to the Agreement not less than 70 % of the organizations operating in the territory of the area is executed for 72.7%. 10,860 organizations joined the Agreement. Besides, 1,474 individual entrepreneurs joined.

Provided minimum wage according to the Agreement  of 3,858 organizations or 35.5 %. Above established at the minimum wage rate federal level to established by the Agreement (from 11,260 rub to 12,350 rub) 1,359 organizations or 12.5 % had the salary.

At the enterprises and in the organizations of all forms of ownership 11,167 collective agreements, including in the organizations of small business – 6,530 are signed. Action of collective agreements protected more than 698.4 thousand people or 74.7% of the average number of workers on operating enterprises of the Rostov region.

Thanks to active interaction of the parties of social partnership it is possible to resolve socially important issues.


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