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Social passport of the Rostov region

Population (on 01.01.2020)

4197.8 thousand people

On a floor (on 01.01.2019)

1152 women are the share of 1000 men


1952.8 thousand people


2249.5 thousand people

On age from total population on 01.01.2019:

More young than able-bodied

716.2 thousand people (17.0%)

Is more senior than able-bodied

1158.5 thousand people (27.6%)

In able-bodied

2327.6 thousand people (55.4%)

Demographic changes (on 01.01.2020):

Natural increase (+), decrease (-) the population for 2019

- 18,017 people

Migration gain (+), decrease (-) the population for 2019

 +13 518

Birth rate indicator

9.0 on 1000 people of the population

Mortality indicator

13.3 on 1000 people of the population

The expected life expectancy at the birth for 2019

All population

73.70 years

Groups of the population with the special status (thousand people):

pensioners (on 01.01.2020)


disabled people, participants of the Second World War

disabled people of fighting



 combat veterans


disabled people, behind an exception:
participants of the Second World War;
disabled people of military service;
disabled children


disabled children


citizens injured with radiation accidents and accidents


the rehabilitated citizens


large families


families, recipients of child allowances





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