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Medical institutions

The modern health care represents the multilevel system of the organization and financing of treatment and prevention facilities. Their activity is regulated by federal normative documents. The staff list, volumes of rendering free medical care, structure of bed network pay off on norms depending on population, living in this territory.

For delivery of health care to residents of the Rostov region the network of medical institutions presented by 182 medical organizations, of them primary and primary and specialized medical and sanitary help to the population functions render 99 medical organizations.

Primary link of health care presented by district hospitals and policlinics, local hospitals, medical out-patient clinics, medical and obstetrical centers is financed from two sources: municipal budget and fund of compulsory health insurance. Means of compulsory health insurance are aimed at providing medical process, in particular, on medicines, food of patients, the salary to medics. The municipalities which are owners of medical institutions in the territory of the city or the area are completely responsible for the maintenance of medical institutions, that is for carrying out repair, purchases of the equipment, etc. Also only from means of the regional budget work of medical and obstetrical centers is financed. The owner of treatment and prevention facility in the presence of funds in the budget of the municipal unit has an opportunity to increase the volume of the rendered help, staff of medical staff, quantity of beds (over rated volumes).

For rendering primary health care to country people in the Rostov region 485 medical and obstetrical centers (further - medical and obstetrical center), 528 medical assistant's health centers (further - FZP) and 184 medical out-patient clinics (further - VA), 27 district police officers of hospitals (further – UB), 2 district hospitals (further – RB), 42 central district hospitals function (further – central district hospital). At the expense of means of the regional budget capital repairs FAPOV are annually made, and at their impossibility the replacement by modular FAPy is made. In 2018 at the expense of means of the regional budget it is acquired 37 FAPOV and 3 BA, in 2019 also 4 BA is acquired 19 FAPOV.

In the Rostov region the interdistrict centers which are organized on the basis of large versatile hospitals function and provide specialized medical care to residents of the municipal unit and also the attached rural territories. So, in the area there are 9 interdistrict centers, on average inhabitants from four - five rural areas are attached to each of which. The centers are staffed with experts of a narrow profile, equipped with the modern medical equipment. Experts of data of the centers help not only directly in intermunicipal institutions, but also carry out departures in rural hospitals for the purpose of carrying out consulting and diagnostic reception of patients according to applications of chief physicians of the central hospitals of the attached areas.

Governing bodies of health care of municipal units follow standard calculations when determining volumes of the help to the population. Chief physicians of the central district hospitals for approach of medical care for residents of the remote settlements and the days off establish in the evening watches of paramedics and nurses of out-patient clinics at home, allocate the hospital transport for the emergency transportation of the needing patients in central district hospital. Out-patient clinics are transferred to a six-day operating mode from 8:00 till 20:00 o'clock. Shift work of medical staff is established. The emergency medical care and on the weekend appears at night health workers of out-patient clinic according to the approved schedule.

Model of the organization of medical care in the Rostov region - the three-level system including the medical organizations of regional, interterritorial and municipal levels.

Floor price – the interdistrict center;
CGB – the central city hospital;
Compulsory health insurance – compulsory health insurance;
DGB – children's city hospital;
GB – city hospital;
BSMP – hospital of emergency medical service;
SMP – the ambulance medical the help;
RB – district hospital;
VA – medical out-patient clinic;
FAPy are medical and obstetrical centers;
TSVMIR – the center of recovery medicine and rehabilitation;
SBVL – specialized hospital of recovery treatment.

Besides, in the territory of the Rostov region, healthcare institutions of federal submission and establishment of other form of ownership function.

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