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Small and medium business to Dona increases pace every year and strengthens the positions not only in area, but also beyond its limits. A program and target and integrated approach to the solution of problems of enterprise community, a long-term consecutive course towards dynamic development of small and medium business are designed to solve priorities of social and economic development of the Rostov region - ensuring economic growth and employment of the population, increase in investment and innovative attractiveness of area and welfare of residents of Don region.

In 2007, both executive authorities of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation, and local governments are given authority for assistance to development of this sector of economy in a legislative order.

It agrees to the Federal law "About Development of Small and Medium Business in the Russian Federation" of 24.07.2007 No. 209-FZ which came into force since January 1, 2008, criteria of reference of the enterprise to small and medium business are defined:

1) for legal entities - total share of the Russian Federation, territorial subjects of the Russian Federation, municipal units, the public or religious organizations (associations), charity and other foundations (except for investment funds) in authorized capital of the specified legal entities should not exceed twenty five percent;

2) number of workers:

  • the microenterprises - up to 15 people,

  • small enterprises - up to 100 people inclusive,

  • medium-sized enterprises - from 101 to 250 people inclusive;

3) volume of the maximum proceeds from sales of goods (works, services) for previous year without a value added tax for the following categories of subjects of small and medium business:

  • the microenterprises - 120 million rubles,

  • small enterprises - 800 million rubles,

  • medium-sized enterprises - 2000 million rubles.

These extreme values are established by the Russian Federation Government decree of 04.04.2016 No. 265 "About Extreme Values of Income Gained from Implementation of Business Activity for Each Category of Subjects of Small and Medium Business".

In the Rostov region in 2018 the state program of the Rostov region "Economic development and innovative economy" which is implemented from 2019 to 2030 is adopted.

Actions of subprogrammes are aimed at improvement of conditions of business in the Rostov region – creating favorable conditions for attraction of investments and development of small and medium business; decrease in administrative barriers in economy; increase in literacy in business activity; increase in turnover of the small and medium enterprises; increase in labor productivity in the sector of small and medium business; increase in a share of employed population in the sector of small and medium business in the total number of employed population; complex development of monotowns; implementation of measures for increase in innovative appeal of the region; promoting and increase in prestigiousness of innovative activity; creation of conditions for increase in volume of the shipped innovative products (goods, works, services); increase in availability of sources of financing to innovative projects and carrying out developmental works; modernization of innovative infrastructure; creation of conditions for formation and development of effective infrastructure of support of innovative activity in the Rostov region; improving competitiveness of the Rostov region in the external environment; increase in total volume of export of products and services in the Rostov region; development of the international and interregional relations; increase in level of legal literacy of consumers and knowledge of consumers of consumer properties of goods (works, services); introduction of a program and target method of planning and project management.

Basis of financing of the program are means of the regional budget.

Financing from means of the federal budget within the state program of the Russian Federation "Economic development and innovative economy" is specified annually by results of carrying out competitive selection among regions of the Russian Federation.

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