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The consumer market one of the most dynamically developing sectors of economy of the Rostov region.

In sectors of trade, public catering and consumer services of the population of the Rostov region the fifth part of a gross regional product is formed, about 97 thousand legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are registered. From activity of the enterprises of the consumer market as of 01.07.2020 came to the budgetary system tax payments for the sum of 14.44 billion rubles that made about 13.6% of the total amount of tax revenues on all branches of economy.

On the above-stated types of activity as of 01.07.2020 about 76.5 thousand subjects of small and medium business are registered that makes 47% of their total in the Rostov region.

Subjects of small and medium business form about a half of volume of turnover of retail trade, more than 75% of a turnover of public catering and about 90% of volume of the household services rendered to the population of the Rostov region.

Retail trade is the leading link in the system of merchandising of the consumer market of the Rostov region.

Introduction of restrictive measures in the II quarter 2020 for prevention of spread of new coronavirus infection negatively affected indicators of development of the consumer market of the Don region.

Following the results of the I half-year 2020 on the volume of turnover of retail trade the Rostov region took the 2nd rank place among regions of the Southern Federal District, having conceded to Krasnodar Krai, and the 7th – in the rating of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation.

In the territory of the Rostov region such known international retail chain stores as "Subway", "Zelgros", Auchan, "Fix Price", "Lerua Merlen", IKEA, Kastoram carry out activity. From among federal retail chain stores in the Don region work: "Magnet", "Intersection", Pyaterochka, "OK", "Tape", Pokupochka, "Traffic light" and others. They are competed by regional retail chain stores: Apex Plus, "Mix" and "Solar circle".

Improvement of an environment of the consumer market of the Rostov region is promoted by development of its infrastructure. In January-June, 2020 15.7 thousand sq.m of the areas of trade enterprises are put into operation.

As a result as of 01.07.2020 the actual security of the population with the area of stationary shopping facilities on average in the Rostov region made 787.6 sq.m counting on 1,000 people that by 1.4 times exceeds value of the standard of the minimum security for area in general (563 sq.m counting on 1,000 people).

The quantity of seats in the catering establishments which again opened for January-June, 2020 was 124 units.

Realization of public policy in the sphere of consumer protection also promotes improvement of quality and safety of goods and services in the consumer market. According to materials of annually published State report of Rospotrebnadzor on the level of security of consumers the Rostov region traditionally is among leaders among territorial subjects of the Russian Federation.

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