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External cooperation of the Rostov region

The Rostov region carries out the international activity according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Federal law "About Coordination of the International and Foreign Economic Relations of Territorial Subjects of the Russian Federation", the Federal law "About Bases of State Regulation of the Foreign Trade Activity".

The main directions of the international activity are:

  • strengthening of economic and humanitarian relations, development of partnership with the CIS countries and cooperation with foreign countries;
  • extension of contacts with the diplomatic missions which are carrying out the activity in the territory of the Russian Federation, work with the Russian foreign institutions, the international financial and public organizations;
  • foreign economic activity and work on attraction of foreign investments into economy of the Rostov region.

The Rostov region is characterized by wide geography of the international cooperation and vigorous foreign economic activity.

The Rostov region is included into top ten (following the results of 2019):

  • on export volumes (8th place),
  • on volumes of non-oil power export (12th place, 1.43 billion US dollars),
  • on volumes of non-oil not power export (5th place, 6.87 billion US dollars).

Main trade partners of the Rostov region: Ukraine, Turkey, Switzerland, China, Egypt, Bangladesh, Belarus, Italy.

The main commodity groups of export (following the results of 2019):

  • food products and raw materials for their production – 54.9%;
  • mineral products – 26.2%;
  • machine-building products – 6.6%;
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metals – 5.1%;
  • chemical products – 4.2%.

Commodity structure of import:

  • machine-building products – 33.0%;
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metals – 15.3%;
  • chemical products – 12.5%;
  • mineral products – 12.3%;
  • food products – 10.7%;
  • textile products and footwear – 10.6%.

The Rostov region supports economic and humanitarian relations with the countries of the FSU and beyond and still remains attractive to foreign partners as the stable and perspective region in the south of Russia.

About 20 agreements work in spheres of trade and economic, scientific and technical, humanitarian cooperation between the Government of the Rostov region and 9 foreign states among which: Armenia, Belarus, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Finland, France.

Considering the importance of the Rostov region as region active in the sphere of the international activity, since 2001 in Rostov-on-Don the representation the MFA of Russia works.

In the territory of the Rostov region carry out activity of 10 diplomatic missions of the foreign states among which:

  • Consulate generals of the Republic of Armenia, Romania, Ukraine, Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • office of Embassy of Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation;
  • Honorary consuls Republics of Abkhazia, Kingdoms of Spain, Republics Northern Macedonia, French Republic and Principality of Monaco.

The region is a member of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

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