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The budgetary policy of the government of the Rostov region is directed to the solution of the main objectives of social and economic development of the Don region.

In 2020 the realization of the budgetary and tax policy is complicated by the situation caused by spread in the Russian Federation of new coronavirus infection and consequences of its influence on economy of the Rostov region.

The order of the Governor of the Rostov region of 02.04.2020 No. 69 approved the Plan of priority actions for ensuring social stability and sustainable development of economy in the Rostov region in the conditions of spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-2019).

The order of the Governor of the Rostov region of 04.04.2020 No. 73 approved the Plan of measures on support of the population of the Rostov region in the conditions of spread of new coronavirus infection (COVID-2019)".

For support of economy, conditions for mitigation of tax policy and revision of tax conditions of activity of subjects of business are created.

For ensuring strategic prioritization the expenses of the regional budget were reformatted for providing primary social and economic tasks in the Rostov region.

Considerable funds of reserve fund of the Government of the Rostov region and in addition created reserve for financial security of the actions connected with prevention of impact of deterioration in an economic situation on development of the branches of economy, with prevention and elimination of consequences of spread of coronavirus infection are allocated for fight against a pandemic and its consequences.

These resources were aimed at providing work of medical institutions at this conjuncture, acquisition of devices for ventilation of lungs, equipment of laboratories, acquisition of cars for disinfection, special suits and personal protection equipment, at additional measures of support of separate categories of citizens, including physicians and caseworkers, at preparation of institutions of education for work with observance of measures for sanitary and anti-epidemic and preventive actions, at compensation of expenses to the motor transportation enterprises and also at construction of new regional infectious diseases hospital in Rostov-on-Don.

Additional financial support on mitigation of consequences of coronavirus infection and ensuring balance of the consolidated budget of the Rostov region is received from the federal budget, including on payments to health, social and other workers for performance of especially important works, support of economy, social payments to jobless citizens.

Expenses on the salary, grants, food, medicines, measures of social support are as a matter of priority provided.

The package of measures directed to the state support of small and medium business is realized.

Support of local budgets is provided with granting the interbudgetary transfers that makes more than a half of expenses of the regional budget.

For partial compensation of decrease in receipt of a tax and non-tax income of local budgets in connection with coronavirus infection, providing primary socially important expenses is allocated additional grants in the sum of 1.4 billion rubles for support of measures for ensuring balance of local budgets, including grants for equipment of schools by the beginning of academic year with means of purification of air, thermometry and disinfection.

Parameters of the regional budget taking into account change of planned allocations increased in comparison with originally adopted regional budget for income by 13.6 billion rubles, on expenses on 24.3 billion rubles. The most significant increase in expenses is provided on the industries health care, social policy, road economy, the interbudgetary transfers.

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