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The housing-and-municipal sphere is a diversified complex in which all are crossed social and economic, the logistical issues connected with housing-and-municipal service of the population.

Main objectives of housing policy – reduction of wear of housing stock and communal infrastructure; elimination of growth of volume of the shabby and hazardous dwelling; increase in efficiency, stability and reliability of functioning of life support systems of the population; decrease in receivables and payables of the housing and public utilities enterprises; attraction of investments into a housing-and-municipal complex; improvement of quality of services with simultaneous decrease in irrational expenses; address social protection of lower-income strata.

For realization of goals the following tasks are defined:

  • the gradual termination of budget financing of the current activity of the housing and public utilities enterprises, improvement of a system of privileges on payment of housing and utilities, creation of legislative conditions on their actual financing;

  • standard legal support of an effective system of tariff regulation in housing and communal services and also in the sphere of supply of energy resources;

  • solution of the problem of development of the competition in the sphere of the housing real estate on the basis of podomovy management;

  • introduction at new building or modernization of objects of housing and communal services, the technologies providing rational power - a resources consumption;

  • creation of economic conditions for development of associations of homeowners, transfer of the industry on market methods of managing.

The Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities of the Rostov region is a participant:

1. The complex investment Project "Comprehensive Program of Construction and Reconstruction of Water Facilities and Water Disposal of Rostov-on-Don and Southwest of the Rostov Region" (approved by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 30.11.2006 No. 1708-r).

2. The largest regional investment project "Clean Don" which passport is approved by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 17.10.2009 No. 1557-r.

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