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Communication and IT

In the Rostov region the telecommunication complex is widely presented. Telecom operators actively carry out: transition to the digital systems of information transfer, introduction of modern standards of the fixed conductive communication and the advanced services of mobile radiotelephone (cellular) communication, modernization of network of a mail service for the purpose of expansion of a range and quality of the provided services.

Conductive telephone communication

The regional conductive telephone network incorporates more than 80% of the equipment based on use of digital technologies and is based on transport and nodal segments of local and intra-zone communication of the Rostov branch PJSC Rostelecom and PJSC Mobile TeleSystems branch in the Rostov region, long-distance fiber-optical and cable highways of the Rostov branch PJSC Rostelecom, JSC Transtelecom Company branch "Makroregion Kavkaz", PJSC VimpelCom, PJSC MegaFon and PJSC Mobile TeleSystems.

For providing residents of settlements of area with services of a local and long distance communication and also granting a possibility of a free call of the emergency operational services to them, are established and 2466 universal payphones are operated.

Telephone communication taking into account universal payphones provided all settlements with constantly living population.

Within implementation of the federal project on elimination of digital inequality at the end of 2019 the high-speed modern communication services (by means of laying of fiber-optic communication links) provided 394 settlements of the Rostov region numbering inhabitants from 250 to 500 people. In settlements of area are established and points of collective access to Internet network on Wi-fi technology function.

Mobile radiotelephone communication

In the territory of the Rostov region, networks of cellular communication Rostov - on - Don of PJSC VimpelCom branch, Rostov regional office of the Caucasian branch PJSC MegaFon, PJSC MTS branch in the Rostov region, LLC T2 Mobile in the Rostov region, more than 12 thousand base stations developed with use successfully function. Services of cellular communication covered more than 91% of the territory of the region.

The number of active users of services of cellular communication exceeds 5 million subscribers. 3G networks operating in the territory of the Rostov region and also 4G networks (LTE) put into commercial operation in many settlements of area give the chance to subscribers to estimate advantages of modern communications, to realize the whole complex of the additional opportunities given by mobile operators.

Mail service

Services of a mail service in the territory of the Rostov region are provided by 10 operators with use of 1,105 objects from which 1,096 objects are in the structure of Management of the Federal mail service of the Rostov region, 1 object – as a part of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Main Center of Special Communication and 8 objects – at the operators of a mail service of non-state form of ownership limiting the presence, as a rule, with the large cities and the most profitable types of service.

279 city, 812 rural, 5 mobile offices of a mail service are a part of Management of a federal mail service of the Rostov region. Mobile offices of a mail service serve settlements in Belokalitvinsky, Dubovsky, Zimovnikovsky, Martynovsky and Remontnensky districts of area.

Management of a federal mail service of the Rostov region is branch of the federal post operator providing universal services to a mail service and the whole range of modern financial and commercial services to all categories of legal entities and individuals. The main role of the enterprise consists in maintaining communication coherence of citizens of the Rostov region.


At the initiative of the Governor of the Rostov region V.Yu. Golubev in 2015 in Rostov-on-Don the macroregional center Youzhny Russian Post which united 9 branches which are in the Rostov, Volgograd, Tambov, Kursk, Lipetsk, Belgorod and Voronezh regions, Krasnodar Krai and the Republic of Adygea is created.

Along with traditional types of service of a mail service (transfer of written correspondence, parcels post, parcels, "departures of 1 class") the Management of a federal mail service of the Rostov region renders also financial services (money transfers, reception of utility and tax payments, acceptance of payments for communication services, Internet and television). Besides, the enterprise renders to the population of the area social services in payment of pensions and grants and also carries out distribution of periodic printing editions on a subscription.

Every second mail carrier in the Rostov region is supplied with the mobile post and cash terminal allowing to carry out acceptance of payments for utilities, taxes, penalties of traffic police, insurance at home online and printing of fiscal documents, registration of a subscription. Start of the project is especially relevant in rural areas, allowing to approach the client as much as possible. Since 2016 the new financial institution – Pochta bank which allowed to provide access to basic banking services in the most remote settlements is started.

Work on reconstruction of offices of a mail service, their reduction to the corporate style Russian Post is continued. In the region more than 250 offices of a mail service are reconstructed in the corporate style. Openly 9 offices of a mail service of a new format of service in which essentially new decisions are tested: the prolonged schedule of work without breaks, an electronic queue, open racks with goods, new technologies of packing and reception of departures. Modular offices of a mail service in 7 rural settlements of area are established. In 2019, repair of 11 offices of a mail service is executed. Due to unsatisfactory technical condition a transfer of 10 offices of a mail service in the rooms meeting technical standards and working conditions is made.

For improvement of quality of services of a mail service in 2019 the following new technologies are introduced: "Automation of rent of subscriber cells", "The simple electronic signature", "the Prefilled and pre-paid departures".

The strategic directions of development of a mail service are: development of a system of logistics, modernization of post offices, preservation of post infrastructure, increase in overall performance of network of a mail service, introduction of new, including hi-tech services.

TV and radio broadcasting

Viewing television programs is available by means of cable television, satellite television and digital on-air broadcasting.

11 telecom operators carry out broadcast of TV programs with use of networks of cable broadcasting. Internet service providers and mobile operators give an opportunity of access to TV channels by means of the Internet.

Services of satellite communication are also widely used for transfer and reception of a TV signal. Resources of nation-wide speakers and also availability of this technology allow to look through a large number of TV channels irrespective of existence of communications of operators in any given territory.

In December, 2018 in the Rostov region the creation of network of digital on-air land broadcasting is complete, 84 objects of RTRS are put into operation. Within the federal target program "Development of TV and Radio Broadcasting in the Russian Federation for 2009 - 2018" 39 objects are reconstructed, 41 new objects are constructed. 3 repeaters of a digital signal and 1 low-power transmitter are in addition established. The population of the region is provided with access to 20 federal TV channels and the 3rd radio channels without monthly fee.

The first multiplex included 10 federal obligatory TV channels: Channel One, Russia-1, "TV Match", Russia-24, Russia-to, "Carousel", "St. Petersburg is the 5th channel", NTV, "Public television of Russia", TV Center and three radio channels: "Messages FM", "Lighthouse" and "Radio of Russia".

The second multiplex consists of 10 commercial TV channels: STS, TNT, Ren-TV, "SAVIOUR", "House", "TV-3", "Friday", "Star", "World" and "Muz TV".

On June 3, 2019 residents of the Rostov region completely passed to a digital format of on-air television broadcasting. The coverage of the population a signal of radio all-Russian teleradio channels in the region exceeded the all-Russian value and was 99.74% of citizens that is 1.34% higher, than countrywide.

Since November 29, 2019 on the channel of Public television of Russia the regional channel Don-24 began to air on a digital format, thanks to it not only news programs on the basis of TV channels "Russia-1", "Russia-24" and a radio channel of "Radio of Russia", but also full-fledged transfers about region life became available to residents of the Rostov region.

Services of wire radio to inhabitants of Don are provided by PJSC Rostelecom.

Services of radio broadcast of radio programs are provided by 16 operators. The coverage of the population of the area on-air broadcasting of the national radio channels of "Radio of Russia" and "Lighthouse" is not less than 80%.

 FM range is actively used. The State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company Don conducts broadcasting on three FM programs: "Radio of Russia", "Lighthouse" and "FM Messages".

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