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Road complex

Road economy – one of the most high-growth industries of the region.

The Rostov region is characterized by rather dense and extensive network of highways that in general corresponds to the level of economic development of the region.

Extent of public highways of area as of January 1, 2018 was 35.22 thousand km, including:

  • federal importance – 701.95 km;

  • regional and intermunicipal value – 7571.0 km;

  • local (municipal) value – 26,945.9 km.

Security with public highways in the Rostov region makes 8.3 km / 1000 inhabitants, and density of network of roads – 348 km / 1000 of its territory that exceeds the average level across the Southern Federal District, corresponds all-Russian, but considerably concedes to the corresponding indicators of the developed countries of the world.

Across the territory of the area the network of highways is distributed unevenly: density of a road network in the areas adjacent to the regional center and to the large cities, is much higher, than in peripheral areas. Are characterized by the most extensive network of roads: Aksay, Semikarakorsky, Azov and October districts. Eastern and southeast regions of area are least provided with highways: Zavetinsky, Morozovsky, Remontnensky.

On regional roads of the Rostov region 451 bridges and the overpass 27,368.9 m long are operated.

Local roads are in the municipal property of districts of the area and serve local communications. Total length of public highways of local value for the beginning of 2018 was 26,945.9 km, or 76.5 percent from the total length of public highways in the territory of the Rostov region.

Дороги Ростовской области

Priorities in the sphere of development of basic road network of the Rostov region

  • completion of formation of network of highways as a part of the international transport corridors in the developed directions of the main transport communications;

  • motor transportation ensuring development of resort and recreational capacity of regions of Azovo-Donskoy, Black Sea coasts and North Caucasus;

  • reduction of technological level of federal, regional and intermunicipal highways in compliance with parameters and trends of growth of fleet of vehicles and volumes of intensity of the movement;

  • reconstruction of the most loaded sections of roads on approaches to the cities and large settlements and construction of rounds;

  • connection by year-round communication on roads with a hard coating with network of public roads of all settlements in rural areas having the prospects of development.

Priorities of construction and reconstruction of objects of federal road complex

Development of the road complex providing transfer, cargo handling, movement of passengers in large transport hubs of federal importance – Rostov and Upper Don belongs to strategic priorities.

In borders of the Rostov transport hub construction of the highway bypassing Aksay is planned. The specified site will become a part of the belt road of Rostov-on-Don.

The prospects of development of the Upper Don transport hub (Dashing, Gukovo, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky) are connected with development of boundary infrastructure and passenger and cargo transportation in the direction from Western Europe – to Central Asia.

Except development of network of highways, the Ministry of Transport of the Rostov region is engaged in problems of increasing the level of security of a transport complex of the Rostov region.

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