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The leading place in economy of the Rostov region belongs to industrial production which remains the main sector of economy for creation of material benefits, goods and money supply, new jobs and investment sources.

At the enterprises of area about 28% of industrial output of the Southern Federal District are produced.

Production capacity of the region has rather high level of diversification, 80.4% in volume of the shipped products of own production are occupied by products of the processing productions.

The largest specific weight is occupied by metallurgical and machine-building enterprises.

Президент РФ Владимир Путин на заводе «Ростсельмаш», 1 февраля 2018

The Rostov region is in the lead in Russia on production of many types of industrial output:

  • cars and devices for cleaning of grain crops (90.8%);

  • combine harvesters (77.7%);

  • pipes boring for drilling of oil or gas wells from ferrous metals (56.3%);

  • the equipment operational for nuclear reactors (44.9%);

  • mowers tractor (23.7%);

  • steel-smelting equipment and foundry machines (10.4%);

  • electrodes welding with a covering (6.1%);

  • yarn from synthetic shtapelny fibers (85.7%).

The leading place in Russia belongs to the Don helicopter engineering, production of combine harvesters, machines for cleaning of grain, oil-bearing, bean and krupyany crops, to the operational equipment for nuclear facilities.

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