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Necessary condition for achievement of the goals of administrative reform is elimination of corruption in public authorities which became the major problem interfering increase in efficiency of public administration. Development and implementation of measures for anti-corruption, first of all for elimination of its root causes, become the imperative need. Modernization of the legislation in the sphere of anti-corruption is announced by the President of Russia one of the priority directions.

On December 25, 2008 the Russian President signed the Federal law "About Anti-corruption" No. 273-FZ adopted by the State Duma and approved by the Federation Council.

The federal law concretized a concept of corruption as abuse of official position, bribery, taking of a bribe, abuse of authority, commercial bribery or other illegal use by the natural person of the official capacity contrary to legitimate interests of society and state for obtaining benefit in the form of money, values, other property or services of property character, other property rights for itself and for the third parties or illegal providing such benefit to the said person by other natural persons.

The law determined a legal, organizational basis and the basic principles of anti-corruption and also the main activities of public authorities by increase in efficiency of anti-corruption.


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