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Anti-terrorist safety

The Rostov region as one of the developed subjects of the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation, is subject to close attention of external destructive forces and their radical supporters in Russia who try to extend, first of all among young people, ideology of extremism and terrorism.

In these conditions the activity of the anti-terrorist commission of the Rostov region (ATK), regional authorities, territorial authorities of federal executive authorities is concentrated on measures of counteraction to these threats, opening and neutralization of the factors promoting origin of manifestations of extremism and terrorism for safety and social and political stability in the territory of the area.

One of the main activities of the anti-terrorist commission of area is combination of efforts of the executive authorities, law-enforcement structures, business and civil society directed to decrease in level of radicalization of the population, elimination of prerequisites for distribution of terrorist and extremist ideology, advocacy strengthening, ensuring anti-terrorist protection of places of mass stay of people.

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