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The local government in the Rostov region is carried out in the territory of urban districts, municipal districts, city and rural settlements formed according to the Federal law of 06.10.2003 No. 131-FZ "About the General Principles of the Organization of Local Government in the Russian Federation".

In the Rostov region 463 municipal units are created: 12 urban districts, 43 municipal districts, 408 settlements, from which 391 – rural and 17 – city.

Obligatory local governments in municipalities are the head of the municipality, the local administration and representative body.

Besides, the control and calculating body, other bodies and elected officials of local government having own powers for the solution of questions of local value can be provided by the charter of the municipal unit. So, control and calculating bodies are created in 27 municipalities.

For increase in effectiveness and efficiency of activity of local government since 2007 practice of studying activity of local governments and the subsequent hearing of results at meetings of the Government of the Rostov region is implemented. Following the results of such work measures and recommendations about elimination of the revealed problems and shortcomings are defined.

Besides, for implementation of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 28.04.2008 No. 607 published the order of the Governor of the Rostov region of 14.03.2013 No. 39 "About assessment of efficiency of activity of local governments". This order approved the list of indicators of efficiency of activity of local governments, a technique of their calculation and an order of allocation of grants to urban districts and municipal districts of area for assistance to achievement and promotion of achievement of the best values of indicators of activity of local governments.

Municipalities of the Rostov region traditionally become winners of the All-Russian competitions, for example, "The best municipal practice".

Besides, annually city and rural settlements of area participate in a regional competition on a rank "The Best Settlement of the Rostov Region".

Effective municipal management is impossible without the relevant regulatory legal base of municipalities.

Since January, 2009 according to the Regional law of 06.08.2008 No. 48-ZS "About the Register of Municipal Regulations of the Rostov Region", management of regional and municipal policy of the Government of the Rostov region maintains a register of municipal legal acts which joins the decisions issued in the form of legal acts made on a local referendum, charters of municipal units, other regulations of local governments and officials of local government, the legal acts making the changes recognizing them to municipal regulations become invalid (canceling them), stopping or resuming their action. Also, also necessary legal examination is carried out. As of 01.04.2019 the register included more than 100 thousand documents.

According to the Federal law of 02.03.2007 No. 25-FZ "About Municipal Service in the Russian Federation" the use of modern technologies of staff recruitment and additional professional education of local government officers belong to the priority directions of formation of personnel. The government of the Rostov region provided necessary legal, methodical and information support of local governments concerning implementation of personnel work.

Besides, within realization of power for participation in ensuring additional professional education of the persons occupied in the system of local government, the Government of the Rostov region together with the Southern Russian institute – the branch of "Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration" in Internet network created the information and education portal of training of the public and municipal administration allowing to carry out developing the skills of the public and local government officers in the remote mode. It gives the chance to heads and specialists of local administrations to get additional professional education, without leaving municipalities.

Improvement of municipal management and municipal service is one of conditions of increase in efficiency of interaction of society and power. For achievement of these tasks in compliance the subprogramme "Development of municipal management and municipal service in the Rostov region, professional development of the persons occupied in the system of local government" the state program of the Rostov region "Regional policy" is implemented by the Decree of the Government of the Rostov region of 17.10.2018 No. 641.

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