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Dear user of the website!
You can transmit information known to you on the facts of corruption of public servants of authorities of the Rostov region through this section.

Your message will be sent to the commission on coordination of work on anti-corruption in the Rostov region.

For sending the message on this subject the input form is offered you. We ask you to report data on ourselves: surname, name, middle name, city (area) of your accommodation, contact information. This information will not be published on the website.

Anonymous addresses are not considered.

It is also possible to report about the facts of corruption by phone of "hotline": (863) 240-72-36 (see an operating procedure of "hotline") and an e-mail of


Attention! For sending to the Government of the Rostov region of offers, statements, complaints on other questions use "Electronic Reception of Citizens of the Rostov Region" service.

It is possible to leave responses, remarks and offers on work of interactive services in special service "Reviews of the Website"

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