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To register in inclusion in an anonymous office of a narcological clinic of the Rostov region and in participation in the You Breathe Freely program

   It is possible to register in inclusion in an anonymous office of a narcological clinic of the Rostov region and in participation in the You Breathe Freely program:

  • by phone number: (863) 226-07-40

The psychiatrist is Anna Vladimirovna Myslivtseva

  • по E-mail:

  • to the address: Rostov-on-Don, Bauman St., 38 (an entrance to the building with Semashko Lane)

State Budgetary Institution RO Narkologichesky dispanser

Office operating mode:

Monday with 9:00-12:00

Wednesday with 9:00-12:00

Thursday with 16:00-19:00


Information for participants of preventive programs of the Happy People project

I. Anonymous consultations of the psychologist for adults

For adults on the basis of state budgetary institution of the Rostov region "Narcological clinic" there take place individual consultations of the psychologist at whom communication with happens "in private" in a confidential situation. As a rule, come to consultation with what is called the word "problem". It can be a life situation or an emotional condition, symptoms of a disease or some question. Often the problem causes a feeling of "deadlock" when, it seems, everything is already tried, but nothing helps.

What problems it is possible to handle on anonymous consultation of the psychologist? 

  • loneliness or discomfort in the world around;

  • situations of experience of a sharp grief, loss, death of relatives;

  • fear, depression, alarm;

  • neurosises, sexual problems, love dependence;

  • inability to build the relations with an opposite sex;

  • dependence on parents, conflicts with them;

  • unfaithfulness and jealousy in the personal relations;

  • analysis and search of the decision in conflict situations in family, at work, with friends.

  • low self-assessment, problem in communication; increase in personal efficiency, activation of the hidden resources.

  • presence of a serious illness and fear of the future, in this regard;

  • problems with education of children;

  • chemical and not chemical dependence;

  • fear of public statements of audience;

  • fear of changes in the life;

  • sensitivity, vulnerability

II. Anonymous consultation of the psychologist for children and parents

Parents together with the child come to primary consultation. Parents tell about what disturbs them and what help they want to receive at the expert. The psychologist together with parents places the main accents in a situation, plans further work. If parents and the expert come to a consensus that the help is necessary for the child, then further the expert, as a rule, meets for a conversation with parents separately. It is necessary in detail to find out in what conditions and as the child what his specific features, reactions on, any given external circumstances developed. And many other questions. Also parents can ask on primary consultation for the help and without child, having explained the problem. The age of children can be of 7 years.

As a rule, parents the following problems force to ask for the help:

  • difficulties in communication (isolation, shyness, aggression, lack of self-confidence, absence of friends);

  • difficulties in training (does not cope with the preschool and school program, does not want to attend school);

  • psychophysiological violations and neurotic symptoms (disorder of sleep and food, decrease of the activity, vitality, absent-mindedness);

  • psychological symptoms (fears, nightmares, frequent changes of mood, alarm, persuasive actions and rituals);

  • problems of education and relationship with parents (whims, hysterics, disobedience);

  • discrepancy of behavior of the child with his floor (girls behave as boys, boys – as girls);

  • family problems (a divorce, the conflict relations in family, between parents and children, between brothers and sisters, psychological incompatibility of parents with the child);

  • psychological injuries (loss of relatives, violence, extreme situations);

  • psychosomatic problems (frequent catarrhal diseases, indispositions of not clear genesis and exacerbation of chronic diseases);

  • questions of parents on development of children (assessment of the level of development of the child).

Work with parents

Participation of parents is not limited to the fact that they tell about a problem, the history of development of the child, bring and take away it on classes.

Work with the child is always conducted with obligatory inclusion in work of parents. Usually the expert periodically invites mom and dad to separate meetings to discuss changes of behavior of the child during therapy, to correct their idea that there are to their child and other current problems. During therapy the child changes, behaves in a different way. In order that these changes did good, it is necessary that parents understood what happens to the child and as to them to react to it.

III. Anonymous consultation of the psychiatrist

For early identification and prevention of affective violations and states and also treatment of the affective violations connected with the use by psychoactive substances in State Budgetary Institution RO Narkologichesky dispanser the anonymous office of the psychiatrist opens.

Anonymous consultation of the psychiatrist will help to reveal the hidden manifestations of psychoemotional violations. For diagnostics of these violations there are special tests for detection of a disease. These techniques also help to define the latent forms of affective violations and weight of a state. The authentic diagnosis is made by the psychiatrist on the basis of collecting the anamnesis, psychodiagnostics, patopsikhologichesky observation and screening of probable mental deviations. If necessary treatment is carried out together with psychologists and psychotherapists.

When it is necessary to visit the psychiatrist?

  • Emergence of sensation of fear before those moments in life which seemed easily solvable earlier. Often this symptom is followed by the increased aggression of the person, or his apathy to all events around.

  • Alarm and experiences which has under itself no reasons.

  • Sleep disorders (insomnia, frequent night awakenings, the increased drowsiness, early morning awakenings).

  • Emergence of feeling of hunger which cannot be satisfied or full apathy to process of acceptance of food. Lack of appetite and flavoring feelings (food becomes fresh and not tasty).

  • Problems with mental capacities, storing process violation, impossibility to concentrate attention.

  • Insuperable desire to take doping, that is to diversify the life with the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or other addictions.

  • The frequent catarrhal diseases or somatic deviations which are not responding to treatment.

  • Emergence of inadequate states, independent of a situation, which the person cannot operate. For example, panic, aggression, tearfulness, sensitivity, fear of communication, etc.

IV. "Everything That Concerns You" program

For abuse prevention surfactant and development of volunteering of state budgetary institution of the Rostov region "The narcological clinic" carries out the program of training of volunteers in technologies of advance of a healthy lifestyle among young people "Everything that concerns you".

Pilot approbation of the program is carried out on the basis of the general education organizations of Rostov-on-Don with further replication of this experience in the territory of all Rostov region.

The purpose of this program – training of specialists, ready to help youth to resist to risky forms of behavior and to learn to be responsible for the future.

The "Everything That Concerns You" program was included into library of the best Russian experience on formation of a healthy lifestyle. She allows to discuss various subjects of health with young people: physical health, mental health, moral health, reproductive health in their direct connection and interference.

The program is interesting to youth as it raises the questions concerning them: development of skills of effective communication, self-realization, abilities to cope with stresses and to resolve conflict situations. At this health and a healthy lifestyle are considered as indispensable guarantee of successful achievement of the vital purposes.

The value of training of volunteers within this program is also that further, the youth will implement the program among the peers by the principle "equal - equally". This principle of the report of information is considered the most effective among young people today

V. You Breathe Freely program

While some people with ease independently get rid of tobacco addiction, others need support and the professional help. For this purpose also the You Breathe Freely program is developed .

The specialist in social work of a narcological clinic works with smokers. In work methods of coding or hypnosis are not applied, the person independently makes the decision to refuse cigarettes. The course of the program has educational character and includes classes with the expert. Each occupation is constructed on the basis of previous therefore it is necessary to visit all course.

During the meetings of the person, leaving off smoking, obtain information on advantages of refusal of tobacco, master the most effective approaches to refusal of smoking and also receive homeworks, working on specially developed grant "The diary of the participant of the program". The course lasts 7 days.

The program helps to win against this addiction, to enrich the knowledge of area of a healthy lifestyle and to find self-confidence.

Additional contacts of state budgetary institution of the Rostov region "Narcological clinic"

Rostov-on-Don, Bauman St., 38

Ph. / fax of the reception head: 8(863)240-42-57

Specialists in social work:

Irina Yurevna Lopatina,

Tatyana Viktorovna Latysheva

Psychiatrist: Anna Vladimirovna Myslivtseva

Doctor addiction psychiatrist: Zagoruyko Marina Vladimirovna

Psychologist: Tatyana Vladislavovna Savina

Svetlana Grigoryevna Melnikova

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