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The Rostov region occupies one of the leading positions in Russia in development of physical culture and sport, including training of high-class athletes.

At the heart of success – every possible assistance of the Government of the Rostov region to successful development to Dona of physical education and mass sport, to strengthening of health of citizens.

The strategy of social and economic development of the Rostov region until 2030 defined the priority directions of development of the industry:

- attraction to physical education classes and sport of the maximum number of residents of the Rostov region;

- increase in efficiency of training of athletes in elite sport;

- creation of the conditions providing an opportunity to citizens systematically to do physical culture and sport, by means of development of infrastructure of sport.

Development of physical culture and sport to Dona is carried out mainly at the expense of regional and federal budgets according to the state program of the Rostov region "Development of physical culture and sport".

Terms of implementation of the program are 2019 - 2030, the total amount of financing – 50.3 billion rubles, including means of the regional budget – 48 billion rubles.

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