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Competition of IT projects of the Rostov region

A competition of IT projects of the Rostov region is held among the IT projects developed by the citizens of the Russian Federation living in the territory of the Rostov region.

A competition is held for promotion of innovative achievements in information technology, stimulations and development of information technology.

The organizer of a competition – the ministry of digital development, information technologies and communications of the Rostov region.

The applicants who underwent preliminary selection in a business acceleration format on the basis of the Southern IT park are allowed to participation in a competition.

A competition is held without division into the nominations. By results of a competition three winners to whom the rank "The Best IT Project of the Rostov Region" with the indication of the first, second or third place is given are defined. The student who developed the IT project declared as the commission the winner of a competition is handed the honourable diploma and monetary encouragement in the following sizes:

  • to the student who won first place – 250 thousand rubles;
  • to the student who ranked second – 225 thousand rubles;
  • to the student who ranked third – 200 thousand rubles.

Participants of a competition whose IT projects did not become winners of a competition are handed diplomas of participants of a competition.

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