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Normative documents:

order of the Governor of the Rostov region of 03.02.2014 No. 15

Survey of the population is conducted within implementation of the Russian Federation Government decree of 17.12.2012 No. 1317 "About measures for implementation of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 28.04.2008 No. 607 "About Assessment of Efficiency of Activity of Local Governments of Urban Districts and Municipal Districts" and the subparagraph "and" Paragraph 2 of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 07.05.2012 No. 601 "About the Main Directions of Improvement of a System of Public Administration".

Poll purpose – assessment of satisfaction of the population with activity:

  • heads of local governments – heads of municipalities, chairmen of representative bodies of municipal units of the Rostov region;

  • heads of the unitary enterprises and institutions operating at the regional and municipal levels, joint-stock companies which controlling stake is owned by the Rostov region or in municipal property, the services which are carrying out rendering to the population of municipal units.

Activity of the specified heads is offered to be estimated by three criteria:

1. Satisfaction of the population with the organization of transport service in the municipal unit.

2. Satisfaction of the population with quality of highways in the municipal unit.

3. Satisfaction of the population with housing and communal services: level of the organization of heat supply (supply of the population with fuel), water supply (water disposal), power supply, gas supply.

When holding poll the activity of heads of local governments is estimated by all criteria taking into account their powers for the solution of questions of local value, the efficiency of activity of heads of the organizations is estimated by the criteria corresponding to their field of activity.

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