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Marat Khusnullin and Vasily Golubev discussed housing development programmes

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation accompanied by the governor of the Rostov region examined two inhabited residential districts under construction in the Don capital

Deputy Prime Minister: "The Rostov transport ring - the most important megaproject of the European level"

The governor Vasily Golubev presented to the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Marat Khusnullin the largest transport project of the Don region

Vasily Golubev participated in a meeting of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister who arrived to Don

The Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Marat Khusnullin is in Rostov-on-Don on a working visit

The list of "governor's one hundred" was replenished with projects worth 31.5 billion rubles

The governor Vasily Golubev held a meeting of regional council for investments

The governor charged to work new decisions on support of local budgets

The subject of increase in yield on budgets of municipal units and efficiency of the powers which are already delegated to places was lifted at a meeting of the Don parliament
The directorate of new infectious diseases hospital in Rostov is created The best volunteers of Don are defined Vasily Golubev suggested to impose a temporary ban on planned inspections of the medical organizations Governor: "Control of observance of terms of elimination of municipal accidents has to be constant" Ecological rehabilitation of the section of the Temernik River in the Don capital comes to the end
Nov. 29, 2020
Mother's Day


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Meeting of Council for investments at the Governor of the Rostov region

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