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Main News The Don tour operator was given financial and guarantee support

The Don tour operator was given financial and guarantee support

Date of publication: On Oct. 28, 2020 13:01

Distribution of a pandemic considerably struck economy of tourism industry, tour operators were among the most vulnerable companies because of consequences of self-isolation and the introduced restrictions on movement in Russia and between other countries. In these conditions of the state it was helped very opportunely.

So, support was got by the microenterprise from Shakhty LLC Sakvoyazh zhelany which is versatile tour operator with wide experience of work, providing excursion and transport services.

The companies were required funds for payment of salary to employees, payment of rent and utility costs for office, advertizing and advance of own author's tours on the Rostov region and so forth.

– In the business community we learned that in the Rostov regional agency of support of business it is possible to obtain a loan on favorable terms, and addressed there. The agency really offered a good rate – 4.25% per annum and a delay of payment for 6 months. But to take advantage of this offer, we lacked 70% of pledge. In RRAPPE prompted that the Guarantee fund of the Rostov region will help to solve this problem, - the owner of the company Galina Morozova told. - For us it was unexpected that the application for the guarantee was considered within one day and issued the positive decision. And the reward for the guarantee was small – 0.5% per annum from the loan sum. It is very good that there is such support to small enterprises. Of course, we also are not idle – we look for new ways of development, we develop own tours which are real for realizing in modern conditions.

Let's remind that subjects of small and medium business can get financing and guarantee support on favorable terms within implementation of the regional project "Increasing Access of Subjects of MSP to Financial Resources, including to Preferential Financing" ("Small and Medium Business and Support of an Individual Enterprise Initiative" national project).

Besides, in the Rostov region the plan of priority actions for ensuring social stability and sustainable development of economy prepared by the regional Ministry of Economic Development and approved by the governor of the region in the Rostov region in the conditions of spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-2019) is implemented. Within this plan the Compensating microfinancial product and the guarantee Emergency product which the company of Bag of Desires used were developed.

In more detail about products of Guarantee fund on the website and also by phone number +7 (863) 280-04-06 or by ph. of hotline "My business" +7 (804) 333-32-31.

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Placed: On Oct. 28, 2020 13:01
Changed: On Oct. 28, 2020 13:03