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Main News The governor charged to study a possibility of increase in production of oxygen at Dona

The governor charged to study a possibility of increase in production of oxygen at Dona

Date of publication: On Oct. 21, 2020 18:32

There was a speech about security of the Don medical organizations with oxygen today, October 21, at a meeting of the regional headquarters for coordination of activities for prevention of delivery and spread of coronavirus infection. The meeting took place under the chairmanship of the governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev.

The head of the Aksay district Vitaly Borzenko informed the governor on the tension which arose recently with security with oxygen in some medical institutions of the territory.

- Now the need for oxygen it is considerable – many times – grew. Also there was some tension, it is necessary to work sometimes "from wheels", - Vitaly Borzenko told.

Meanwhile capacities of producers in Rostov-on-Don, Novocherkassk and other cities of area allow to close all arising requirements, the deputy governor Igor Sorokin reported to the head of the region.

Vasily Golubev charged to the Ministry of Industry to understand together with the Ministry of Health of area the developed situation and to tell him results.

 - Sort out together with the Ministry of Health of area the need for oxygen and problems if they are. Till today such questions did not arise. We in the area have everything to produce oxygen and to deliver it in medical institutions in necessary quantity. On Monday – the report to me: our requirement that we have, what opportunities for increase in production. There were no such questions – hope, and will not be, - Vasily Golubev said.

The head of the region demanded to hold a situation with providing medical institutions with oxygen on control, tracing all information throws on this subject.

- As for information on the 20th hospital, I already listened today to reports of both the head of administration of Rostov, and the deputy. Interested me whether there was an oxygen non-delivery fact. Such fact, according to the report, was not. It means that heads of municipalities (in this case – Rostov) should not wait for any calls with explanations, and quickly to join and deny fake information if it such is. Fast reaction and exact information is necessary. I emphasize: exact and truthful, - the governor noted.

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Placed: On Oct. 21, 2020 18:32
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