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Main News Results of a digital census to Dona will open new opportunities for business

Results of a digital census to Dona will open new opportunities for business

Date of publication: On Oct. 16, 2020 14:32

How there will take place the first digital population census in 2021 and as new data can change business both in the region, and in Russia, participants of a round table "Statistics in new formats told. As data will work for business". The deputy head of Federal State Statistics Service Pavel Smelov, the head of territorial authority of Federal State Statistics Service of the region Marina Samoylova, the deputy minister of digital information technology development and communication of the Rostov region Kirill Dyachkin, the deputy head of administration of the Don capital Svetlana Kambulova, the CEO of INOSTUDIO Maxim Bolotov and the program director of "Boiling point" of DGTU Sergey Kotsukonya participated in an action. The Minister of Economic Development of the Rostov region Maxim Papushenko became the moderator of an action.

Within a round table the participants considered key features of the future population census and analyzed its influence on economic and social policy and spheres of business.      

- We are very glad to new approaches which are applied today by Rosstat in carrying out a census, and dense work with regions in questions of introduction of new methodology, education and training. We count on creation of the joint working group where representatives of regional state institutes and regional IT and business will be able to exchange experience and to propose solutions in the field of digital statistics. Preliminary arrangements on it already are — Maxim Papushenko noted.

Additional opportunities in obtaining information will be opened also by application of the digital analysis by Rosstat of big data (Big Data). Further the technology will allow to make comparative calculations with results of a census, to receive the specified statistics during the period between censuses. Already next year will show, how precisely big data of mobile operators and large banks can speak about the number and other characteristics of the population.

- Large business which works with data as Sber, Yandex, already stands in a queue for receiving all array of information. Data on the structure of the population in certain territories will be interesting to more small business. Before opening of any sales outlet the businessman needs to know where his consumer is. Now businessmen spread big money for similar researches. Now this information can be found in free access on our BI platform. Any businessman who will want to open a sale point will visit to us the website and will be able to see a social and demographic portrait of residents of any settlement. Also will already precisely decide whether it is worth opening grocery store or it is better sports or maybe magaztn than products for children if in the area the high birth rate and is a lot of young families. All this will be completely free — Pavel Smelov told. - I am the second time in Rostov-on-Don, but for the first time it appeared in the specialized center created for business support. Everything that is necessary for start and development of the business, – everything is collected here, everything is adjusted, come and use, everything is free. Businessmen lacked they are to come to one place and to get in a complex all necessary services, advice, rooms for negotiations.

Also participants at the event discussed implementation of digital technologies in process of a population census. One of the main advantages of such format — the speed of data processing which will allow to obtain the most relevant information for all history of censuses on the population.

- The most important factor of acceleration and simplification of process of a census is use by all copyists, the tablet computers equipped with the memory card and the additional external accumulator. It will allow to expand possibilities of copyists and to minimize risks of loss of data, - Pavel Smelov reported.

All tablet computers which will be given to copyists are manufactured in Russia that also contributes to the development of economy in general. Only in the Rostov region more than 10 thousand people will be involved in carrying out a population census.

Also the audience considered a question of a remote census which will take place on the Госуслуги.ру portal

According to preliminary data, 77% of residents of the country plan to participate in the All-Russian population census, at the same time more than a half of them are going to do it remotely.

- Our recent poll showed: 70% of the interviewed residents of Rostov-on-Don are ready to participate in a census in electronic form. It is completely corresponded to data that 80% of the population at us actively use the Gosuslugi portal — the head of territorial authority of Rosstat on the Rostov region Marina Samoylova told.

It is possible to pass a census independently in the online mode from April 1 to April 25, 2021.

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