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Main News More than 200 protocols are made for violation of "the mask mode" in shops of retail chain stores, shopping centers and the markets

More than 200 protocols are made for violation of "the mask mode" in shops of retail chain stores, shopping centers and the markets

Date of publication: On Oct. 17, 2020 09:15

To Dona the monitoring of performance of the restrictive measures entered in connection with a coronavirus pandemic in the territory of large objects of trade regarding observance of the mask mode continues. For the last week the staff of regional administrative inspectorate checked some more shopping centers, hypermarkets, the grocery markets and shops. 

Staff of inspectorate made more than 200 protocols on administrative offenses, responsibility for which is provided by Article 20.6.1 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences, of them concerning legal entities – 21 protocols, officials – 18, individual entrepreneurs – 59. The majority of offenses consists in lack of front masks or respirators at employees and visitors.

Materials about violations are brought to trial for taking measures of administrative influence.

When holding actions the greatest number of violations is revealed in Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog in the Aksay district.

Events for observance of the mask mode were held in such network shops as Pyaterochka, Intersection, "Magnet", Auchan, Alkoteka, "Lerua Merlen Rostov", Agrotorg, in the markets "Near the Station", "Russian Field", "Central", "Nikolaev", "Northern", "Kvadro", "Vegetable Market" of Aksay, LLC Salsky rynok, Veselovsky rynok Municipal Unitary Enterprise, in shopping  centers "Leto", "Andreevsky", "Marmelad", "Gorizont", Babylonia, in the Hermes mall.

In the current year repeatedly for violations of requirements for observance of the mask mode JSC Tander and LLC Agrotorg (6 times) were brought to administrative responsibility; TD "Intersection" (3 times), LLC Best Prays and LLC Solnechny krug (2 times).

 "Despite obligatory wearing masks in transport, shops and mass places of a congestion of people, many managing objects continue to ignore the set restrictions. To be masked everywhere where there is a risk to be infected, is not just a way to protect only themselves. It is an opportunity for all of us to protect each other – the family, relatives, friends, acquaintances. Administrative inspection toughens control of observance of the mask mode", - the chief of administrative inspection of the Rostov region Nikolay Kopichka noted.   

We inform: from the moment of investment with appropriate authority administrative inspections 6136 administrative reports for violations of high alert, including 6013 for violations of the mask mode are made.

Administrative inspection of the Rostov region

@ Maria Viktorovna Ovlashenko, employee of administrative inspection,
ph. (863) 240-52-14

Placed: On Oct. 17, 2020 09:15