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Main News The Don enterprise increased the performance of a stream of production of refrigerating appliances by 25%

The Don enterprise increased the performance of a stream of production of refrigerating appliances by 25%

Date of publication: On Oct. 16, 2020 10:25

On the production site of the Ingenium company, works within the national project "Labour Productivity and Support of Employment" summed up the first results. For half a year at the enterprise with assistance of experts of the Federal center of competences the shop performance on production of refrigerating appliances grew by a quarter.

Ingenium specializes in the organization of internal engineering systems, from the project before realization. Annually the enterprise produces about 300 units of refrigerating appliances. Technology solutions of the company are applied in agro-industrial complexes, the logistic centers at the enterprises of food processing, retail and wholesale trade, objects of power industry.

The organization of a post of completing at which preparatory work is performed by the certain expert allowed to reduce time of assembly of the equipment for 30% - from 38 to 27 o'clock.

In general time of production of refrigerating appliances on which optimization the staff of the enterprise together with experts of FCK worked decreased by 58% – from 478 to 201 o'clock. In plans of the enterprise till February, 2021 to accelerate process of a full production cycle till 136 o'clock.

Also in 6 months the work in progress volume – amount of materials and components – decreased more than by 60%. Now at the same time at a different stage of production there are only 12 mashkomplekt of materials. Before start of the national project this volume was 31 mashkomplekt. On production are sure that by February will be able to achieve decrease in quantity to 10 sets.

- During participation in the project we could increase stream performance by 25%, broaden the production site and increase staff on a stream for 12%. Product cost already decreased, – the director of LLC Ingenium Hristofor Dzhibgashvili told. – All ideas on work optimization suggested by employees bring positive effect. We also introduced situation on improvements, and workers receive a material remuneration for such offers.

The achieved results of work on the project – not a limit for Ingenium. For efficiency of further transformations the experts of FCK trained in bases of lean production of 25 employees of the enterprise. Besides, own expert in the field of introduction of lean technologies is prepared. This expert already trained 20 employees of the company, and in the long term will train all staff of Ingenium.

According to the Minister of Economic Development Maxim Papushenko, for today already over 50 Don plants successfully passed and implemented the Labour productivity program.

- Since 2018 at the initiative of the governor Vasily Golubev the Rostov region became the pilot region in which this program is implemented. First of all for the companies this direct decrease in the costs, amounts of time of course of processes, excess stocks in warehouses, and as result – depreciation of end products, - Maxim Papushenko told. - For owners of the companies this improving competitiveness of their products in the market and, respectively, growth of sales. Almost all companies which implemented the program at themselves on production are exporters. So it is possible to call the national project "Labour Productivity and Support of Employment" without exaggeration one of the most successful in the real sector of economy.

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Placed: On Oct. 16, 2020 10:25