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Main News At the end of October, gas will come to the farm of Solonetsky of Oblivsky district

At the end of October, gas will come to the farm of Solonetsky of Oblivsky district

Date of publication: On Oct. 16, 2020 09:14

To complete the works on gasification and ahead of schedule the governor Vasily Golubeva charged to begin connection of households during June interactive reception of citizens.

- People have to be sure that they will enter winter with gas. Therefore I set a task - right after completion of construction of networks to begin work on connection of houses, - Vasily Golubev told.

Now, according to District Administration, distribution gas networks to the farm are built. There is a paperwork. 14 households are completely ready to connection. 200 more houses can be connected at any time.

Let's remind, during interactive reception appealed to the head of the region one their residents of the farm of Solonetsky to accelerate gasification of the settlement. There live 570 people, generally pensioners. It was planned that connection of households will begin in November. The governor charged this process to accelerate as much as possible.

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On a photo: the governor Vasily Golubev carries out interactive reception of citizens

Placed: On Oct. 16, 2020 09:14
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