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Main News In Bokovsky district, system work with the Cossacks is organized

Bokovsky district, system work with the Cossacks is organized

Date of publication: On Sep. 24, 2020 16:33

Today, September 24, in the Don government in the mode of a video conferencing there took place the meeting of the working group in the Rostov region the commissions of the Southern Federal District as a part of Russian President's Council for Cossack Affairs. The deputy governor of the Rostov region Mikhail Korneev presided.

In touch with the working group there were atamans of district, city and stanitsa Cossack societies and their confessors, chairmen of councils of old men, the management of administrations of municipal units, specialists of GKU "Cossacks of Don", directors of educational institutions with the status "Cossack" – only about 500 people.

The audience discussed work of administration of Bokovsky district on strategy implementation of state policy of the Russian Federation on the Russian Cossacks till 2020 and optimization of this activity next year and also other questions.

The organization of work with the Cossacks in Bokovsky district was recognized as system and filled with qualitative content.

Here conditions for activity of the Cossack societies are created: the area and the local budget financed the municipal program of their support, when holding actions extrabudgetary sources are attracted, a yurta and to the headquarters of the Cossack team the equipped rooms are provided to Bokovsky for work, a yurta the land plots of arable lands for agricultural activity are allocated.

Cossacks are involved in protection of forest plantings, water objects, maintaining preventive (including fire-prevention) work. The team from 14 Cossacks for half a year held over 310 events for safety of citizens, helped to reveal and solve ten crimes and to stop 130 administrative offenses.

"As well as last year, Cossacks looked after several teenagers staying on the registry in the commission on affairs of minors involved them in field gatherings of the Cossack youth, sport, other actions. As result – removal of wards from control of law enforcement agency", – the head of administration of Bokovsky district Yury Pyatikov told.

The close attention in the area is paid to development of a system of continuous Cossack education. From 13 kindergartens and 11 schools six kindergartens and five school institutions have the status "Cossack". In 2021 to obtaining such status three more schools and four kindergartens are planned.

Education of the Cossack youth goes in a close sheaf with members of the Cossack child youth organization of Dontsa. The number of the children doing sports grows in the area. With preinduction youth will organize collecting and field exits. Four years in the area work the Cossack search group Cossack Glory and 17 years – military and sports club of M.I. Platov in the station Karginskoy. The Cossack sports section "Cossack Will" was in addition open for children from the remote farms in the item Krasnozorinsky. Cooperation with local office of DOSAAF where young Cossacks are acquainted with military equipment is established, and recruits are trained for the driver mechanic of the armored personnel carrier.

In the municipal unit a number of cultural and mass, sporting, patriotic and other events with participation of Cossacks is held and also with their organizational and financial support. Now the platform for development to Bokovsky yurtas of grant activity which is planned to begin with the project on military-patriotic education of the Cossack youth is prepared.

Mikhail Korneev thanked the head of the district for strengthening and development in the entrusted territory of the Cossack component, paid attention to need of increase in the amounts of financing of the municipal program of support of the Cossack society and also to involvement in the Cossack movement of the maximum number of youth.

For the Cossacks and cadet educational institutions of the region it was entrusted to department to take grant activity Bokovsky Cossack a yurta on methodical maintenance.

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On a photo - a training of young Cossacks in a sports and improving complex of the station Bokovskoy with Nikolay Valuyev's participation

Placed: On Sep. 24, 2020 16:33