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Main News Cossacks of platovsky one hundred YuRGPU (NPI) of M.I. Platov were solemnly handed shoulder straps of horunzhy

Cossacks of platovsky one hundred YuRGPU (NPI) of M.I. Platov were solemnly handed shoulder straps of horunzhy

Date of publication: On Sep. 18, 2020 16:17

Today, September 18, in the Southern Russian state polytechnical university (NPI) of M.I. Platov in Novocherkassk there took place the delivery ceremony a shoulder strap to 19 Cossacks of the sixth platoon of Platovsky one hundred. They already carry a military rank of the second lieutenant, now the first Cossack officer rank – horunzhiya is appropriated to them.

Ranks of the young man received in view of successful training in Military training center of the higher education institution where they, besides the military program, mastered additional – Cossack.

Platovtsa profoundly studied history, passed the organization of management of the Cossack societies, plunged into traditions of the Don Cossacks, ancient types of martial art, possession of primordially Cossack weapon. Behind their shoulders – impressive military-patriotic preparation.

By the way, 12 Cossacks of the sixth platoon of Platovsky one hundred became this year participants of Victory Day parade at Red Square in Moscow. Together with other Cossacks of Vseveliky army of Donskoy entering ceremonial calculation they presented all Russian Cossacks in the capital of our Homeland. The former university graduate Stanislav Mikhaylov ordered platovets. Today he was handed shoulder straps of the centurion. Let's note that a part of children from Platovsky one hundred – too graduates (they finished study this summer), a part continues training in higher education institution in the master program.

The deputy governor of the Rostov region Mikhail Korneev participated in a ceremony. He personally gave to hands to several platovets shoulder straps and congratulated them on this event:

"I wish you, young Cossack officers, progress in study and work, persistence in development and strengthening of the native land. You received the Cossack officer ranks in a year of the 450 anniversary of the state service of the Don Cossacks to the State Russian. It for many years will become a reminder on Don greatness and the beginning of service to our Fatherland".

Help. The tradition of solemn delivery a shoulder strap proceeds from far 1869 when the Russian State undertook the obligation for training of Cossacks at Don. That year the Novocherkassk atamansky military college which part horse and plastoon hundreds, artillery and engineering platoons were was formed. The staff of school made 270 cadets, training term – one year. Appropriated to graduates a rank of horunzhy.

From 1920 to 1925 the school was in emigration, made three more releases, then was disbanded. 96 years later, in 2015, the Southern Russian state polytechnical university revived nice tradition. From this year in Novocherkassk began to appropriate to young Cossacks of Platovsky one hundred the Cossack ranks again officially.

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