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Main News In the Rostov region the control center of the region will be created

the Rostov region the control center of the region will be created

Date of publication: On Aug. 3, 2020 17:31

Today, August 3, the Decree of the Government of the Rostov region of "About Creation of Control Centre of the Region of the Rostov Region" (IMC) is accepted.

The IMC is intended for collection of information, modeling, forecasting and decision-making in the field of regional government. One more function – exchange of information with federal public authorities.

In other words, it is office which task – collecting and processing of addresses and complaints of inhabitants of the region. And it is not only about the complaints which arrived on official portals of governing bodies and hotlines, but also mentions in social networks and messengers.

In the long term control centers of regions will be united in a uniform centralized system.

Let's remind, the first control center of the region appeared in the Moscow region at the end of 2018. In the center by means of information systems data from all spheres of life of Moscow area are round the clock collected and analyzed. Information is distributed on profile blocks: medicine, education, social security, transport and roads, state services, housing and public utilities and garbage, construction, safety, media, national projects.

Now the region the decision that the IMC created in the Rostov region will become design office from staff of bodies of executive power and the subordinated organizations and also the staff of federal operator of the project (the autonomous nonprofit organization "Dialog" responsible for information and media support of the center) is made.

Actually, the IMC is an instrument of fast bringing information on inquiries of inhabitants to executives. At the same time he will also allow to monitor processing of inquiries and speed of preparation of answers.

Various range of questions: from export of household waste and reduction of turns in medical institutions before repair of a paving and correction of deviations from the schedule and a route of public transport.

It is known that the term of consideration of any address is 30 days. Work of IMC provides operational operation algorithms – from one to 10 days.

- Control center of the region – an integral part of digital transformation of the region, one of national the purposes under the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of July 21, 2020, - the head of the region Vasily Golubev noted. - Today digital technologies allow to solve the most pressing problems. And IMC – one of applied examples of use of such technologies for improvement of quality of life of inhabitants of our region.

Management of information policy of the government of the Rostov region

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Placed: On Aug. 3, 2020 17:31
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