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Main News Participants of the All-Russian competition "Digital Break" will check the forces on the Don cases

Participants of the All-Russian competition "Digital Break" will check the forces on the Don cases

Date of publication: On Jul. 23, 2020 15:20

Rub from seven competitive tasks cases published today on the website of the federal project on selection of the best experts in the sphere of digital economy "Digital break" are prepared in the Rostov region: https://цифровойпрорыв.рф/event/63005/.

So, the Rostov state economic university (RINH) suggested participants of a competition to develop the intelligent system of detection of the attacking program codes allowing unlike already existing products, to reveal non-standard attacks on Internet communications. Development and deployment of such system leaning on possibilities of artificial intelligence will allow to increase qualitatively the level of security of resources of worldwide network from hacker and fraudulent actions.

The Rostov branch PJSC Rostelecom set to contestants the task of creation, important for a telecom industry, of "an algorithm of the indistinct search of words and phrases" allowing to look for effectively in databases synonyms and to distinguish the meaning of concepts regardless of by what professional slang they are described. Such algorithm will help to improve work, in particular, a support chat boats.

The joint offer of the regional ministry of housing and public utilities and the Rostov branch of Alfa-Bank concerns development of the system of holding a general meeting of owners of rooms in apartment houses in absentia. The system has to provide not only reliable authorization of participants, but also the protected voting procedure. To implement the similar project, participants of a competition need to use such modern technologies as a blockchain and the distributed register.

Let's remind, the competition "Digital Break" – one of flagman drafts of the presidential platform "Russia — the Country of Opportunities". In a series from eight hackathons the IT specialists from the whole country will be live to create the technologies directed to the solution of current problems of regions, and the leading IT experts and trackers of federal districts will estimate them from special digital media hubs. The best decisions will be realized.

At the same time in Rostov-on-Don the regional stage of the competition "Digital Break" will pass in a special format, having included an initiative of the regional level – a competition "Rostov - on - to the House. Digital leaders" which purpose consists in selection of best practices and the most perspective heads for carrying out full digital transformation of a system of the public and municipal administration of area. The beginning of carrying out the main stage of a regional competition was announced by the Don governor Vasily Golubev earlier.

"The people who are well understanding how the modern digital environment works as effective transfer of state services to an online format will be organized can and have to become winners. For them we will open the amplest opportunities on self-realization in the system of public administration – they will become not just a part of management team of the region, but full drivers of its updating. It is sure, effective interaction with organizers of the All-Russian "Digital break" will help us to organize such selection of leaders of the industry at really high level", - Vasily Golubev emphasized.

Registration is available according to the reference https://цифровойпрорыв.рф/cabinet/18.

Placed: On Jul. 23, 2020 15:20
Changed: On Aug. 21, 2020 09:34