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Date of publication: On Nov. 25, 2020 16:29
The Don companies won a competition of Rostourism
Will direct to four organizations of the Rostov region about 9 million rubles to implementation of their projects
Date of publication: On Nov. 23, 2020 14:40
The civic chamber of the Russian Federation invites to participation in the competition "Top-1000 Local Cultural and Tourist Brands of Russia"
The competition takes place on the interactive digital Живоенаследие.рф platform
Date of publication: On Nov. 2, 2020 15:31
The Donetsk resident became the winner of the All-Russian competition "Masters of Hospitality"
Dmitry Gusev offered the project of mobile cyclings around Velovod
Date of publication: On Oct. 29, 2020 17:53
Date of publication: On Oct. 28, 2020 13:01
The Don tour operator was given financial and guarantee support
Microfinancial products of the company of Bag of Desires are provided within implementation of the national project on business support
Date of publication: On Oct. 26, 2020 14:11
The Rostov region shared experience of support of the tourist's industry on the student's online congress
The congress became the platform of effective interaction of skilled representatives of tourist industry and future young professionals
Date of publication: On Oct. 19, 2020 10:37
Students of profile higher education institutions of Don are invited to the online congress "Developing Tourism — We Develop Russia!"
More than 3000 students from all regions of Russia will take part in work of the congress
Date of publication: On Oct. 7, 2020 17:06
The journalist from the Rostov region participates in the competition "Masters of Hospitality"
The All-Russian professional competition "Masters of Hospitality" is the draft of the presidential platform "Russia — the Country of Opportunities"
Date of publication: On Sep. 30, 2020 14:52
Tourist brand of the Rostov region "Free Don" received the Grand Prix of the International competition "PRObrend"
Solemn rewarding of winners of a competition took place in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
Date of publication: On Sep. 29, 2020 15:58
The Don companies in the sphere of hospitality can receive grants from 3 to 9 million rubles on a competitive basis
Order taking for a competition of grant support of projects on domestic and entrance tourism will last till October 8