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Main Interview of heads "Baker poste restante"

"Baker poste restante"

Date of an interview: Oct. 9, 2020
S.R. Grigoryan, head of department of public service of employment of the population of the Rostov region

Questions of the correspondent of the Molot newspaper are answered by the chief of UGSZN of the Rostov region Sergey Grigoryan

Whether there is statistics how many people in Rostov during a pandemic lost work? How many managed to find a job through the employment service?

It is not possible to give the full answer to a question of the total number of the citizens who lost work since the employment service of the population is not given authority for collecting statistical data on dismissals of employees of the organizations for any bases.

According to monitoring of Rostrud about dismissals of workers because of liquidation of the organization, reduction of number or staff of workers, as of 06.10.2020 2,916 people are fired from the beginning of this year from the organizations of the Rostov region for the specified reasons (including from 01.04.2020 – 1,789 people) – is 2.4 times less, than in the same period of 2019 (7,060 people).

As a part of the registered unemployed (116.5 thousand people) of the citizens fired after 01.04.2020 for various reasons (own desire, the agreement of the parties and others), – 38%.

Since the beginning of 2020 assistance in employment is rendered to nearly 55 thousand citizens, including from 01.04.2020 – 29.7 thousand people.

People worry whether all will have enough doles. within what program does this money arrive? And it is valid whether they will be enough for all unemployed?

On implementation of measures of social support, including a dole, 1, 296 billion rubles were allocated to bodies of the employment service of the population of the Rostov region according to the Federal law of 02.12.2019 No. 380-FZ "About the Federal Budget for 2020 and for Planning Period of 2021 and 2022".

Due to the increase in number of jobless citizens in the territory of the Rostov region and introduction of additional measures of support of citizens by the Government of the Russian Federation in connection with spread of new coronavirus infection in the summer of 2020 from reserve fund of the Government of the Russian Federation of the Rostov region additional resources for social payments to jobless citizens according to the Law of the Russian Federation "About Employment of the Population in the Russian Federation" of 1.762 billion rubles are allocated.

In September, 2020 1.125 billion rubles are in addition allocated to the budget of the Rostov region for the same purposes.

Thus, bodies of the employment service of the population of the Rostov region are provided with funds for implementation of payments of a dole also they are enough in full.

What professions can study anew?

For training the jobless citizens can file to employment center a petition for providing this public service in an electronic form in a private office of the interactive portal of the employment service of the population of the Rostov region ( or in a private office of the federal state information system "Uniform Portal of the Public and Municipal Services (Functions)".

The organization of training is carried out by the professions demanded in labor market according to wishes of citizens and also taking into account their education, experience and the state of health.

For example, in the city of Rostov-on-Don in the direction of employment center it is possible to go to study in October and until the end of the year according to many programs.

Future confectioners, bakers, secretaries-administrators, operators electronic and computing and computers, storekeepers are waited by vocational training.

On professional retraining wait for experts in areas of preschool education and education and also organizational and documentary ensuring management of the organization.

Advanced training courses can be completed in such directions as "Internet marketing"; "1C:Enterprise 8.3"; "1C:Accounting 8.3"; "Contract system"; "Application of office programs and Internet technologies in professional activity".

For training in the jobless citizen the grant is appointed. The size of a grant depends on earnings in the last place of work, the period of registration on unemployment. The sum of a monthly grant cannot exceed the maximum size of a dole. Payment of a grant is carried out on the basis of data of the educational organization on progress and visit of classes.

What programs for prepensioners exist?

Citizens are more senior than 50 years and citizens of pre-retirement age have an opportunity to undergo vocational education or to get additional professional education within the national Demography project.

Training is carried out by the professions, specialties, the most demanded in labor market, taking into account education of the citizen, experience and the state of health.

Participation in an action for citizens is free.

Since the beginning of the current year in the direction of bodies of the employment service of the population more than 1700 citizens of the senior generation already started training. These are pedagogical and health workers, social workers, tutors, accountants, archivists, leadership team of the organizations and institutions, welders, electricians and others.

After completion of training the citizens continued work in a former workplace with relevant competences or, having received a new profession, replaced a field of activity.

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