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Main Events Working trip of V.Yu. Golubev to the Kamensk district

Working trip of V.Yu. Golubev to the Kamensk district

Date of an event: Mar. 23, 2019

Program of a working trip

Visit and survey of the building of the Glubokinsky Cossack high comprehensive school No. 1 demanding capital repairs.

Reception of citizens

Working meeting with the head of administration of the Kamensk district Vladimir Evgenyevich Shevchenko.

Survey of the highway to the park of "Log" of the farm the Old Village of the Kamensk district after completion of construction.

Acquaintance to work of management for civil defense and emergency.

Meeting on implementation of national projects.

Reference information


 Glubokinsky Cossack high comprehensive school No. 1

In 2018-2019 academic year in the Kamensk district in 21 municipal general education organizations study 4,301 persons.

5 municipal general education organizations of the area function in two changes. In the second change 918 people (21.3% of the total number of students) study.

Reduction of training in the second change requires construction of three schools on 1,700 places and completion of capital repairs of MBOU Glubokinskoy of the Cossack school No. 1.

In the regional program for creation of new school places within the regional state program "Development of education" offers of administration of the Kamensk district on construction of two general education organizations on 1000 places are considered in x. The old Village and on 600 places for MBOU Glubokinskoy of SOS No. 32, to construction of the building of the block of school on 100 places in the territory of SOS MBOU Krasnovskoy.

Administration of the Kamensk district on an object: "Construction of school on 1000 places to the address: Rostov region, Kamensk district, x. The old Village" preproject works are performed. On SMR 799 million rubles are necessary. Funds for joint financing in the budget of the Kamensk district - 16, 4 million rubles - are provided.

In 2019 the capital repairs of MBOU Glubokinskoy of the Cossack school No. 1 located at the address are begun: item. Deep, Karl Marx Lane, 50. For 2019-2020 94.6 million rubles, including 90 million rubles from regional, by 4.5 million rubles – the local budget are provided.


construction of an entrance to the park of "Log" x. Old Village of the Kamensk district of the Rostov region

Contract organization – state unitary enterprise of the Rostov region "October road repair and construction authority"

The cost of the performed works – 114,787.3 thousand rubles, including:

- at the expense of means of the regional budget – 112,376.8 thousand rubles

- at the expense of means of the local budget – 2,410.5 thousand rubles

Highway extent – 5,396 m

Category of the road – IV

Carriageway width – 6 m

Width of roadsides – 2 m

Object is put into operation 20.12.2018.

Around km 3+000 placement of parking of the park of "Log" with an approximate capacity of 1500 cars is planned. Construction will be carried out at the expense of means of the investor.

On km 3+700 according to the master plan of the Old stanitsa rural settlement the school on 1000 places will be constructed. Approximate starting date of construction 2019.

On km 5+396 according to the master plan of the Old stanitsa rural settlement the quarter intended for the individual housing estate is placed.


a condition of work on prevention and emergency response in the Kamensk district

In 2019 and the same period of last year of emergency situations in the territory of the Kamensk district it is not recorded.

In 2019 in the territory of the Kamensk district occurred: 11 technogenic fires; fire of dry vegetation (grasses, a cane) in 2019 and the same period of 2018 are not recorded.

In economic maintaining and operation of the organizations of water and sewer economy of the local governments located in the territory of the Kamensk district there are 37 fire hydrants, 4 fire reservoirs which are in technically working order and also 21 water towers from which 1 it is not adapted for a water intake by the fire fighting equipment.

In the territory of the Kamensk district there are 222 voluntary firefighters.

On water objects of the area for the reporting period in 2019 and 2018 of incidents with death of people it is not recorded.

Problematic issue is the lack of cover of fire protection of 21 settlements by divisions in 5 rural settlements (Bogdanovskoye – 2np/234 the people, Gusevskoye – 6 NP / 1819 the people, Kalitvenskoye – 4np/1142 the people, Krasnovskoye – 5 NP / 1584 the people, Ulyashkinskoye – 4 NP / 609 the people), in view of their remoteness (in compliance Technical regulations arrival time of the first division of fire protection to the place of a call should not exceed 20 minutes), at the same time to Kalitvenskoye settlement earlier transferred MLPK.

Creation of divisions of professional fire protection in these settlements is economically inexpedient.


development of voluntary fire protection;

involvement of citizens for participation in fire fighting as a part of voluntary fire protection, acquisition of fire extinguishing means for their equipment;

to local governments to carry out purchases of mobile fire extinguishing means (motor-pumps, rantsevy fire extinguishers).

For development of voluntary fire protection by the regional budget the acquisition of the automobile trailer with fire and technical arms and property for the Gusevsky rural settlement in 2019 and the Krasnovsky rural settlement in 2021 is provided.

The municipal public institution "Office of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations" of the Kamensk district is created and functions since February 21, 2018.

The Old Village to the address: Budenny St., 265 A is placed in the new building in the farm. An object is constructed at the expense of extrabudgetary sources – funds of SP Kushnarenko S.A. - By 10 million rubles

In 2018 in the Kamensk district the Old stanitsa rescue and fire fighting group which took up watch since August 31, 2018 is created.

Joint group. Rescuers of municipal public institution of the Kamensk district and regional search and rescue service, in number of 14 people and 6 units of the equipment are its part.

On equipment of group consists: fire the car on the basis of the Ural truck - 1 unit; a small lesopatrulny complex for suppression of the landscape fires on the basis of the Gazelle car - 1 unit; the rescue car with a set of the equipment for work on the place of the road accident – 1 unit; a tanker truck KAMAZ for supply of water to the population - 1 unit; the GAZ car for pumping of water in flooding zones – 1 unit; the operational Tiger car - 1 piece.

The rescue and fire fighting group is certified on carrying out the search and rescue works and a wrecking connected with fire fighting.

The area of responsibility of group includes all Kamensk district
and a section of the route of M-4 of Don from 896 km to 929 km, from 937 km to 942 km and also A-260 section of the route from 319 km to 340 km, from 360 km to 378 km.


a meeting on implementation of national projects

Number of participants: 170 people.

The governor planned discussion of national projects with the public to carry out during working trips to the cities and districts of the area. Already meetings with an asset of Novocherkassk, Peschanokopsky district, 4 districts of Rostov-on-Don took place.

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