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Main Events Working trip of the governor V.Yu. Golubev to the city of Shakhty

Working trip of the governor V.Yu. Golubev to the city of Shakhty

Date of an event: Sep. 8, 2020

In the program of a working trip:

Acquaintance to progress in construction of Shakhtar stadium.

Acquaintance to progress in construction of modular buildings of bacteriological laboratory and infectious office of "City hospital of emergency medical service of V.I. Lenin".

Reference information

Reconstruction of Shakhtar stadium MOE DOD of sports school No. 5 to Shakhty of the Rostov region

Reconstruction of stadium is conducted since November, 2018 within the municipal contract signed by MKU "Shakhtystroyzakazchik" with LLC Start for the sum of 686 million rubles with a date of completion of works 15.09.2020.

For 2018-2019 within the municipal contract 62.571 million rubles are mastered.

For 2020 235.8 million rubles, including the regional budget – 200 million rubles, the local budget – 35.8 million rubles are provided. From them 9.873 million rubles are mastered.

Are conducted by contract organization of work on an object with considerable violation of the schedule of works.

The ministry of construction of the Rostov region repeatedly, including on the site, held meetings on realization of this object with participation of administration Shakhty on which requirements about unconditional performance of the contract were imposed on the municipal customer on time.

Shakhty it is recommended to administration to handle in addition an issue of entering of necessary changes into the project documentation and to make the decision on a possibility of further implementation of the signed contract. Questions of performance of the municipal contract and also making decision on its cancellation are only in competence of the municipal customer.

According to Regional service of the state construction supervision of RO, construction readiness of an object makes 35%. On an object the dismantling of the designs provided by the project documentation, construction of the bearing and enclosing structures of east – 50%, western – 25% and southern stands – 30% is executed, offsite networks of plumbing and sanitary are partially laid.

Completion of reconstruction of an object is planned in 2021.

MBUZ "City hospital of emergency medical service of V.I. Lenin of the city of Shakhty" 

The chief physician – Vitaly Sergeyevich Fomin.

600 beds hospital of the round-the-clock and 155 beds of day stay. The structure of hospital includes 12 stationary offices of a therapeutic and surgical profile, obstetric office and department of pathology of pregnancy. In hospital 140 doctors and 638 average medics work.

For delivery of health care to patients with new coronavirus infection the infectious office on 80 beds, from them 28 resuscitation is developed. In hospital there are 28 medical ventilators, 20 concentrators of oxygen, 19 monitors of the patient, the transported x-ray device, portable ultrasonography – the device, 46 oxygen points are carried out. For functioning of hospital on the basis of hospital the staff of the staff of hospital numbering 105 people is recruited.

For increase in efficiency and availability of delivery of health care in hospital the construction of two new buildings is conducted. 20.04.2020 the contract with Alliance limited liability company for acquisition of the modular building of bacteriological laboratory and the modular building of infectious office for hospital for the sum of 97, 6 million rubles is signed (including at the expense of the regional budget – 82.8 million rubles, at the expense of the local budget – 14, 8 million rubles)

On 07.09.2020 the volume of performance of work is 70%.

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