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Main Events Meeting "About the taken measures aimed at the complex development of rural territories"

Meeting "About the taken measures aimed at the complex development of rural territories"

Date of an event: On Sep. 8, 2020 16:00

Venue: Government of the Rostov region, Rostov-on-Don, Sotsialisticheskaya St., 112

Action format: in the videoconference mode

Carries out: Governor of the Rostov region Vasily Yuryevich Golubev

Live broadcast of a meeting


1. About implementation of the state program of the Russian Federation "Complex development of rural territories" in the Rostov region

Konstantin Nikolaevich Rachalovsky is the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Rostov region.


2. About the programs and actions for the supervised directions implemented in rural areas

Igor Nikolaevich Sorokin the deputy governor of the Rostov region – the Minister of Industry and Energy.


Balin Larisa Valentinovna is the minister of the general and professional education.


Tatyana Yurevna Bykovskaya Minister of Health of the Rostov region.


Anna Anatolyevna Dmitriyeva is the Minister of Culture of the Rostov region.


Samvel Rubenovich Arakelyan is the minister of physical culture and sport of the Rostov region.


Andrey Nikolaevich Ivanov is the Minister of Transport of the Rostov region.


Mikhail Yuryevich Polukhin is the acting minister of housing and communal services of the Rostov region.


3. About the measures taken in municipal units for complex development of rural territories

Oksana Konstantinovna Kosenko is the head of administration of Tselinsky district.

4. About complex development of rural territories in Bokovsky district

Yury Aleksandrovich Pyatikov is the head of administration of Bokovsky district.

5. About implementation of the project within complex arrangement of rural settlements

Olga Viktorovna Bezrukavaya is the head of administration of the Kommunarsky rural settlement of Oktyabrsky district.

6. About a business role in development of rural territories

Nikolay Aleksandrovich Goncharov is the director of Svetly limited liability company.


Reference information

In rural areas of the Russian Federation a quarter of the population (25%, 36.5 million people), lives in the Rostov region – one third (32%, 1.3 million people).

Tasks of authorities of development of rural territories were defined by the Russian President V.V. Putin at a meeting of the State Council in December, 2019.

First of all, to reduce outflow of country people, to create conditions that the youth, having disaccustomed in the city, came back.

In the Rostov region, actions (state support) for reduction of a gap between the level of city and rural salary are implemented.

So, with continued state support of agro-industrial complex in five years the salary of peasants grew by 46% (19.9 thousand rubles in 2015, 29.2 thousand rubles in 2019).

Since 2020 the initiative budgeting is applied: budgetary funds are allocated for implementation of the projects of improvement initiated by citizens; citizens participate in implementation of these projects.  

For the economic entities implementing social projects tax benefits are provided.

The program of arrangement of rural territories is implemented since 2003. Since 2020 the approach to development of rural territories changed. Under patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation the program of complex development of rural territories is adopted. The Rostov region participates in implementation of this program.


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