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Main Events The solemn delivery of the sign "Honourable Citizen of the Rostov Region" dated for the 83rd anniversary from the date of formation of the Rostov region

The solemn delivery of the sign "Honourable Citizen of the Rostov Region" dated for the 83rd anniversary from the date of formation of the Rostov region

Date of an event: On Sep. 10, 2020 14:00

Venue: Rostov public meeting, Rostov-on-Don, Pushkinskaya St., 114

Participates: Governor of the Rostov region Vasily Yuryevich Golubev

Live video broadcasting will take place

Information on awarded

Anatoly Ivanovich Grabovets

A.I. Grabovts's candidacy was proposed for consideration by the Chairman of Legislative assembly of the Rostov region A.V. Ishchenko, the First Deputy Governor of the Rostov region V.G. Goncharov, Tarasovsky district.

Anatoly Ivanovich Grabovets is the famous scientist-selector, professor, the doctor of agricultural sciences, the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In branch of agriculture more than 60 years work.

The principles and methods of selection A.I. Grabovtsa allowed to overcome contradictions between efficiency, precocity and resistance to diseases, a drought and low temperature conditions.

Researches A.I. Grabovtsa have high degree of scientific novelty. First of all, it is development of new bases of selection of wheat in relation to specific conditions of the South of Russia, it improved the scheme and a technique of selection.

Under its management and with direct participation over 40 grades of wheat, triticale (hybrid of a rye and wheat) and other cultures which differ from usual grades in bigger endurance and high consumer qualities are created.

The new grades created by A.I. Grabovts considerably surpass standards in a number of valuable signs, have high ability to a kushcheniye during the winter and spring period, is long keep resistance to the main diseases.

Anatoly Ivanovich is the author of 386 scientific works, 19 of them is published in 2019. On grades and inventions received 113 certificates and patents. This material significantly affected the qualification level of plant breeders in regions that also positively affected quantity and quality of the made agricultural products.

Its contribution to development of agriculture is appreciated far outside the Rostov region. Anatoly Ivanovich passes on the scientific and research experience on the international scientific and practical actions of the CIS countries and Europe. Is a constant speaker on the international scientific and practical actions (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland).

A.I. Grabovets is an honourable citizen of Tarasovsky district of the Rostov region, was repeatedly elected the deputy of Tarasovsky regional council.


Vasily Ivanovich Dobritsa

The native of the Matveevo-Kurgansky region of the Rostov region, the participant of the Great Patriotic War, the only living full chevalier of the order of Slava living in the territory of the Rostov region.

Was born in 1925, before the Second World War managed to end 7 classes. In the fall of 1941 participated in construction of defensive works on approaches to Taganrog.

Vasily Ivanovich in the fall of 1943 after liberation of Taganrog was mobilized in the Red Army, as a part of a platoon of broneboyshchik constrained breakthrough of the enemy, having received baptism of fire near Melitopol.

As a part of engineer battalion as a part of the 3rd Ukrainian, and then the 1st Belarusian front freed Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, was involved in storm and capture of Berlin. In August, 1944 on the left river bank Vistula (Poland) at reflection of enemy counterattack V.I. Dobritsa a linking of grenades undermined an enemy machine gun together with calculation for what it was awarded the order Slava III to degrees.

Slava II to degrees it is awarded the order for the courage and heroism shown during speeding up of the Radomka River (Poland) in the same August, 1944.

In January, 1945 the 35th Guards rifle division came in the first echelon of the Soviet army in the Hanging and Oder operation in which also the engineer platoon of Vasily Ivanovich participated. For mine clearing of the territory for pass of the Soviet troops and participation together with assault group in the attack V.I. Dobritsa was awarded the order Slava I degrees.

Thus, until the end of the Great Patriotic War became the full gentleman of awards of Glory.

In Berlin after wound and treatment 4 more years served in a company of guard of honor of group of the Soviet troops in the territory of Germany. Demobilized in 1949.

After demobilization from ranks of the Soviet Army returned to native places, graduated from school of mechanization of agriculture in Taganrog, worked as the combine operator in the Matveevo-Kurgansky machine and tractor station, studied in absentia in the Leningrad machine-building technical school. In 1956 came the designer to the kombaynovy plant where worked 40 years.

V.I. Dobritsa pays attention to patriotic education of the younger generation also today, actively participates in work of Council of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the labor front, Armed forces and law enforcement agencies of the city of Taganrog.

In 2012 V.I. Dobritsa received the Ataman Platov's award founded in 2011 for No. 1.

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