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Main Events Visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia T.A. Golikova to the Rostov region

Visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia T.A. Golikova to the Rostov region

Date of an event: Sep. 4, 2020

Venue: State Budgetary Institution RO "Rostovskaya oblastnaya klinicheskaya bolnitsa",

 State Budgetary Institution RO "Regional children's hospital (Rostov-on-Don, st. 339 Rifle Divisions, 14).

In the program of a working visit:

Visit of state budgetary institution of the Rostov region "Rostov regional hospital".

Visit of state budgetary institution of the Rostov region "Regional children's hospital".

Reference information

State budgetary institution of the Rostov region "Rostov regional hospital"

The chief physician – Vyacheslav Leonidovich Korobka.

The structure of hospital includes 20 clinical offices on 800 beds, 4 offices of anesthesiology resuscitation, 2 blocks of intensive therapy, 15 paraclinical and diagnostic divisions; advisory policlinic with cardiological dispensary office on 1200 visits per shift; office of the emergency and planned advisory medical care, regional center of medicine of accidents.

In hospital 1,776 employees, including 384 doctors, 642 averages of health workers work.

Annually in a hospital of hospital the treatment is received up to 28 thousand patients, it is performed up to 22 thousand operations.

The hospital provides hi-tech medical care on profiles: cardiovascular surgery, traumatology orthopedics, neurosurgery, abdominal surgery, oncology (haemato-oncology), ophthalmology, otorinolyaringologiya, thoracic and maxillofacial surgery, transplantation. From 7.0 to 7.5 thousand quotas are annually carried out.

Now in hospital are performed heart operation and vessels of heart, on a head and spinal cord; implantation of large joints; implantations of stent-graft and valves of heart in the endovascular way; implantations of the resynchronizing electrocardiostimulators and kardioverterov-defebrilyator; implantation of the artificial driver of a rhythm of heart; microsurgeries on an eyeball and organs of hearing; organ and tissue transplantation and many other things.

Today 203 transplantations are executed: 127 kidneys, 2 kidneys complete with a pancreas, 14 hearts and the 60th liver are replaced. Since 2020 the through reconstructive keratoplasty (transplantation of a cornea) is introduced.

In hospital there are more than 2 thousand units of the medical and diagnostic equipment. Total number of diagnostic tests annually exceeds 2.5 million.

For delivery of health care to patients with new coronavirus infection the complex of the actions allowing within two days in the presence of the special order is held, to develop 670-bed infectious monohospital in the main 9-storey building of hospital.

At the expense of means of reserve fund of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Rostov region (respectively 536.0 and 35.0 million rubles) tight lock-chambers are installed, the supply and exhaust ventilation is supplied with the disinfecting filters, are equipped own laundry and utilizatorny for special processing of linen and medical waste, the necessary medical equipment and personal protection equipment is acquired.

State budgetary institution of the Rostov region "Regional children's hospital"

The chief physician – Svetlana Gennadyevna Piskunova.

The structure of hospital includes a versatile children's hospital on 590 beds and the consulting and diagnostic center on 500 visits per shift. As a part of hospital of 19 stationary offices, from them 5 – day stay.

In hospital 1,013 employees, including 236 doctors, 376 averages of health workers work.

The hospital renders specialized, including hi-tech medical care for children of the Rostov region on profiles: haemato-oncology, uroandrologiya, traumatology orthopedics, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, pediatrics, rheumatology and another.

Annually in establishment there undergo treatment more than 20 thousand of stationary and 70 thousand outpatients.

Since 2013 in hospital the office of the exit advisory treatment-and-prophylactic help equipped with the mobile medical and diagnostic module which experts annually make about 200 departures more than to 40 territories of the area where not less than 20 thousand children look round annually works.

In establishment for 27 years the center of children's oncology and hematology works for 55 beds in which treatment of children at the level of the global standards is carried out. 96% of the treated patients leave in long remission. The flow of patients annually increases, the areas of office remain invariable since 1992 and now do not correspond to Sanitary and epidemiologic rules and standards (SanPiN). On the available areas of hospital new specialized offices of a surgical profile which were not provided by the project of the building are open.

The project of construction of the new 6-storey surgical center of innovative technologies on 280 beds with placement of beds of transplantation of marrow is prepared.

Within the national Health care draft of the regional project "Children's Health Care" since May 18, 2020 at the expense of funds of the regional budget for the sum nearly 97 million rubles the capital repair of advisory policlinic is carried out.

Information technologies take root into work of establishment. Since April, 2020 the receiving medical care in a digital day hospital is organized.

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