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Main Events Working trip of the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation E.I. Dietrich to the Rostov region

Working trip of the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation E.I. Dietrich to the Rostov region

Date of an event: Sep. 2, 2020

In the program of a working trip:

Survey of the course of reconstruction of the Southern entrance to Rostov-on-Don.

Meeting about the course of implementation of the project of creation of the Rostov transport ring.

Agenda of a meeting:

1. About the course of implementation of the project of creation of the Rostov transport ring

Speaker Andrey Nikolaevich Ivanov, Minister of Transport of the Rostov region.

2. About need of development of entries into Rostov-on-Don as the integral component of the Rostov transport ring

Speaker Yury Vladimirovich Ovchinnikov, acting as head of administration of Rostov-on-Don.

3. About the prospects of development of the highway M-4 "Don" in borders of the Rostov region

Speaker Vyacheslav Petrovich Petushenko, chairman of the board of the State company Russian Highways.


Reference information


reconstruction of highway A-135 the access road from the highway M-4 "Don" the Southern entrance to Rostov-on-Don km 2+400 - km the 7+000, Rostov region

The existing intensity of the movement on this site is 58,090 buses/days.

Reconstruction of the II stage of the Southern entrance to Rostov-on-Don is vital for elimination of a bottleneck, the so-called "bottle neck" formed now in the place of merge of the reconstructed I stage (6 lanes) to the existing section of the road (4 lanes) on km 3+850 Southern entrances to Rostov-on-Don and reductions of this section of the road to a standard state.

Customer: FKU "Management of the Automobile Moscow-Volgograd Highway of Federal Highway Agency",

Site extent – 3.426 km,

Category – IB,

Quantity of lanes – 6 - 8,

Artificial constructions:

- the inundated bridge – 769.07 m;

- turning overpass No. 2 on km of 3+850 - 152.78 m;

- overpass on km of 5+694 - 100.51 m.

Stationary lighting – throughout, 366 support / 12455 items m.

Realization terms: 01.08.2019 – 10.09.2023,

The total cost of construction –  4,197,479.418 thousand rubles, including:

2019 – 107,793.05 thousand rubles

2020 – 969 470.744 thousand rubles

2021 – 489 837.194 thousand rubles

2022 – 1,469,540.02 thousand rubles

2023 – 1,160,838.41 thousand rubles

Works are conducted according to the schedule of works.

On implementation of the Rostov Transport Ring project the extent of which will be more than 110 km of roads of federal and regional importance, also considerable financial resources, not less than 156 billion rubles will be required.

In 2020, construction of the third turn of the Northern round of Rostov-on-Don with completion of works in 2022 will be continued. These works have to be synchronized with construction of the traffic intersection on km of the 9th federal highway A-280 "Rostov-Taganrog". In 2020 works on construction of federal highways the Round of Aksay and the Southern entrance to Rostov-on-Don which are planned to be finished in 2023 will be continued.

After preparation of the project of construction of the Western chord, since 2022 is planned to begin its realization.

Until the end of 2021 it is necessary to modify the project documentation on Northern entry into Rostov-on-Don, both on the site federal, and on the Small Green Ring and Sholokhov Avenue, to finish design of the traffic intersection in an alignment of Orbitalnaya St. / Belyaev St. in Rostov-on-Don and the bridge through a reservoir the Rostov sea in an alignment of Kabalevsky St. and Dnepropetrovskaya St. It is necessary to complete project works on all listed objects in 2021, and to put objects into operation until the end of 2023.

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