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Day of the miner

Date of an event: Aug. 30, 2020

Established according to the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR of 01.10.1980 N 3018-X "About festive and memorable days". 

It is noted last Sunday of August

History of a holiday began at the time of the Soviet Union. Day of the miner was among the first professional holidays recognized at the state level.

Starting point of origin of a holiday became on August 31, 1935 when the ordinary working guy Alexey Stakhanov the coalminer of the Centralnaya-Irmino mine (Luhansk region) for change together with two timberers cut a jackhammer 102 tons of coal, having exceeded norm by 14 times (monthly productivity of the coalminer in 1929-1930 was about 83 tons).

The feat of the Soviet miner was widely publicized, and the workers breaking labor records began to be called "Stakhanovites" through the whole country.

The holiday is officially approved on September 10, 1947 according to the proposal of the minister of the coal industry of the USSR  Alexander Fedorovich Zasyadko.

The first time the Day of the miner was celebrated on August 29, 1948. At the beginning of a year the minister issued the order "About Preparation for the Holiday Day of the Miner". In it it was noted that all workers of the coal industry have to celebrate a holiday by production achievements and improvement of domestic conditions, measures for strengthening of labor discipline, implementation of new cars, acceleration of construction and reconstruction of mines were defined, tasks on preparation of materials for rewarding of the miners who especially caused a stir in work are given.

In Day of the miner in Moscow the ceremonial meeting at which obligation to achieve special progress in work in 1949 was assumed was held.

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